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Diversity as well as height

by Conor Hill
In light of the debate around allowing buildings up to 6 storeys high in some areas of Wellington, it’s worth looking at developments in the only part of suburban Wellington where you can currently build up to (and above) this height.

Adelaide Road.

From what is planned here, it’s clear that allowing for more homes in mid-rise buildings will bring out a particularly Wellington mix of interesting and varied places for our city’s people to live, and fixes for our housing shortage.

I’m aware of three medium density developments planned in this area. Collectively they are a fantastic mix of homes for different Wellingtonians, from our most vulnerable, to first home buyers, to people interested in new forms of communal living.

The first is a Wellington City Mission development [1]. This 5 storey high community hub will have 35 supported transitional living units as well as wrap-around support for some of Wellington’s most vulnerable.

The second is a 6 storey mixed-use development [2]. Some of the ground floor is commercial, and many of the 93 homes will be Kiwibuild apartments.

The third is a beautiful co-housing development [3] built for 24 different households. The households will range from young to old, and include families and retirees. The development is on a quarter acre. It’s the classic kiwi dream, reimagined for the 21st century.

We have the opportunity to make it easier to build these kinds of homes in more parts of Wellington, for more people, in the form of our Spatial Plan. The proposals in the draft go some way towards making it easier for NGOs, co-housers, government, and yes, even developers, to build in a wider range of the city.

If you want an insight into how this would shape Wellington, Adelaide Road is it – housing as diverse as our city, that makes our communities richer. It will make a dent in some of our housing issues. It’s why I support the proposals in Wellington’s draft spatial plan.