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Record number of approvals for townhouses, flats and units

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News from Statistics NZ
A record 10,063 townhouses, flats, and units were consented in New Zealand in the August 2020 year. In the Wellington region, the total number of dwellings consented during the same period went up by 15 per cent.

“August 2020 saw the annual number of townhouses, flats, and units consented go over 10,000 for the first time since the series began in the early 1990s,” said Stats NZ’s acting construction indicators manager Dave Adair.

The total number of new homes consented in the August 2020 year was 37,467.

The number of new homes consented in August 2020 was 3,147. When accounting for seasonality, there was a small increase of 0.3 percent from July 2020. Seasonally adjusted values can be influenced by the timing of large multi-unit projects.

“We have seen the number of new homes consented remain quite stable over the last three months, following some dramatic movements between March and May when the nation-wide lockdown had the biggest impact,” Mr Adair said. “The strong consent numbers for new homes in recent months means that there is a relatively large amount of residential building work planned for the future.”

By region, the numbers of new dwellings consented in the year ended August 2020 (compared with the August 2019 year) were:

14,879 in Auckland – up 3.7 percent
4,105 in Waikato – up 1.4 percent
3,163 in Wellington – up 15 percent
5,925 in rest of North Island – up 3.9 percent
5,653 in Canterbury – up 8.8 percent
3,739 in rest of South Island – up 3.5 percent.

Most residential building work is typically completed within a year or two after the consent has been issued. However, building work may have been impacted by the effects of COVID-19, with many projects experiencing significant delays in their completion dates.


  1. Qwerty, 30. September 2020, 17:49

    Sounds like we don’t need the spatial plan then?

  2. Claire, 4. October 2020, 23:08

    Doesnt sound like it yaay.!
    There is capacity… just wait for to trickle through.


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