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Award-winning Wellington fin-tech service expanding to Australia

Press Release – Hnry
After record growth from innovative start-up to award-winning industry leader in New Zealand, Wellington FinTech business Hnry will take its first international steps on October 1st, as it launches across Australia.

Independent earners across the Tasman will now have access to Hnry’s world-leading online, app-based tax and financial admin service designed especially for their unique needs, joining the thousands of Kiwi freelancers, sole traders and contractors who already use it.

Hnry will be working with Australian banking partner NAB, after having completed a successful six month pilot programme resulting in strong demand for their services from independent earners across the country.

Co-founder and CEO James Fuller says Hnry is a global first in providing a single service to take care of all financial admin for self-employed contractors, freelancers and sole traders – combining an accountancy with an app, with great financial tools to help independent earners focus on what they do best.

“From invoicing and payments through to deductions and tax filings, using Hnry means never having to think about tax again,” he said. “Combining a mobile app with an accounting service means that it’s all in one place – making self-employment simple, affordable and accessible for anyone”.

Fuller says that in Australia, as in New Zealand and many other countries, the self-employed market has grown considerably, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, although it had already been growing over the last decade.

“Before Covid, there were an estimated five million Australians earning some or all of their income outside of PAYE employment,” he said. “In the last six months this number has increased, as more and more Australians look to different ways of earning during this period of uncertainty”.

When Hnry was first founded in NZ four years ago, it was just three people looking to solve their own problem, Fuller says.

“We were working as freelancers and contractors ourselves at the time, and we just wanted to focus on our clients and do great work, but suddenly we had to think about tax calculations and payments, or ‘reconciling’ in complex accounting software; we had to go and visit an accountant to ‘talk about our taxes’ – which mean a lot of stress and hassle. We knew when we started Hnry that this was a global problem – it’s something that freelancers, sole traders and contractors have had to put up with for years”.

Now, with a team of 18 and full time employees increasing by 30 percent, Hnry is continuing the rapid growth it has experienced the last few years, with Fuller saying they are really excited to expand into new markets such as Australia, and help solve problems for as many people as possible.

“One of the main reasons that we chose Australia as our first overseas market was due to the sheer number of Australians that got in contact with us and asked us when we were launching there,” he says.

“We’ve been providing the service to a closed group of early customers there for the last six months as a pilot, to refine our service for the Australian market. Prior to that, we spent six months getting set up for Australia, configuring tax rules, refining our platform and working with our Australian banking partner NAB to get the service ready. We’ve had amazing feedback from early customers, who are really thrilled that the service is arriving in Australia.

Fuller says the business is looking forward to growing their team in Australia and expanding their physical presence beyond their current Sydney office.

“One of our directors is already based in Australia in our Sydney office, and we’re looking forward to hiring more people in the very near future, building the culture of our Australian firm,” he said.

Visit www.hnry.co for more information.

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