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Election 2020: Wellington is an all-Labour region

There’ve been Labour Party victories in all Wellington regional electorates tonight.

Labour’s Ginny Andersen has won Hutt South from National MP Chris Bishop. She received 18,823 votes – compared with Chris Bishop’s 16,531. RNZ quotes Chris Bishop as saying: “…really disappointed, we worked hard, but when the swing is on, then the swing is on”.

Labour’s Finance Minister Grant Robertson has held his Wellington Central seat with 22,015 votes. Tim Jones commented: as Nicola Willis’s vote collapses (she received 7080 votes), it’s a good sign that voters don’t want more road tunnels or four lanes to the planes. The Greens had the second highest party vote – 30% compared to Labour’s 42%.

MP Paul Eagle has retained the Rongotai seat for Labour, with 21,590 votes. The National candidate David Patterson received 5557 votes.

Labour MP Greg O’Connor has had a strong victory in Ohariu, retaining the electorate with 19,580 votes compared with 9589 votes for National’s Brett Hudson.

Labour MP Chris Hipkins has retained Remutaka with 24,981 votes; his National opponent Mark Crofskey received 7674 votes.

Labour candidate Barbara Edmonds has had a substantial victory in the Mana electorate, winning it with 21,946 votes, over the National candidate Jo Hayes with 8703 votes. Mana’s former representative Kris Faafoi will stay in Parliament as a list MP.

The Otaki electorate, held since 2008 by National MP Nathan Guy (who has retired), has been won by Labour’s candidate Terisa Ngobi, with 17,926 votes compared with National candidate Tim Costley who received 16,659 votes.

In the Wairarapa electorate, Labour candidate Kieran McAnulty has won with 19,519 votes, over National’s Mike Butterick with 14,108 votes.

Te Tai Hauāuru electorate has been retained by Labour MP Adrian Rurawhe, who received 9349 votes compared to the Maori Party’s Debbie Ngarewa-Packer who received 8254 votes.

Longterm National MP Nick Smith has lost the Nelson electorate, with 15,048 votes compared to Labour’s Rachel Boyack who won with 18,625 votes. Smith went to her celebration event to concede, and whole room sang “for he’s a jolly good fellow” and applauded him. He has been Nelson’s MP since 1996.


  1. Richard Beere, 18. October 2020, 14:29

    We Wellington Greenies continued to build our base of support this election:
    Wgtn Central – 2500 more party votes than 2017;
    Rongotai – 1500 more party votes;
    Ōhāriu – 1500 more party votes.
    The movement continues to grow. [via twitter]

  2. Chris Calvi-Freeman, 18. October 2020, 14:33

    Pretty stoked about last night’s results. Congratulations to Labour & the Greens but best wishes also to Chris Bishop and
    Nicola Willis for retaining list seats – a talented & hard-working opposition is no bad thing when you have a big single party lead in the house. [via twitter]

  3. Mike Mellor, 18. October 2020, 23:31

    National gained less than a quarter of the party vote in nearly all Wellington regional electorates; and in Rongotai and Wellington Central they were well beaten into third place by the Greens.

    As Tim Jones says, this collapse of the National vote is a good indication that voters don’t want more road tunnels or four lanes to the planes; but do want better public transport and easier, safer walking and cycling.

    LGWM, NZTA, WCC and GWRC, please take note!

  4. Guy M, 19. October 2020, 11:04

    Great result for Labour – now we need to make sure that this translates into a great result for Wellington. For far too long now Wellington has been neglected by the people in the Beehive – much as I think Grant Robertson is wonderful, he needs to start showing some love to his home electorate. That’s us: the people that voted him in with a 22,000 majority. That’s because we want WCC / GWRC / LGWM to stop messing around and prevaricating, and to actually come up with a plan and start implementing it. So I’m going to start right here and say: “What do we want? And when do we want it? (Now)”. Here’s my starter pack of demands for the next 3 years:

    1. A Spatial Plan for the City that doesn’t mean we all want to move out. Enough of this consultation on 80,000 people if the number is actually only going to be half that much. Plan for additional dwellings, but don’t ruin the lives of everyone already living here.

    2. A Masterplan for the City on all Transport issues – plan it, publish it, and implement it within three years. Cars, bikes, trains, and walking – get it all sorted. No more waiting.

    3. Rapid Transit route sorted, and trains ordered, and tracks started to be laid. Ideally, order the same trams as Auckland so that we don’t have competing systems.

    4. Basin Reserve sorted for once and for all so that we don’t have daily snarl-ups. We’ve established that the problem is not actually the Basin, but the areas either side – we established that years ago, and now it is time to get it sorted and built.

    5. Three Waters in Wellington – sort out the poo pipes and storm water. That needs major investment and Government help. We keep proclaiming that we are the coolest little capital in the world – let’s invest in our city and actually make it live up to the hype (poo in the water is really uncool).

    6. Shelly Bay / Motu Kairangi – enough of the shameful land grabs – it’s iwi land and the iwi should be developing it, not being sold through the back door to a developer. Enough already.

    Those are my starter suggestions – any more? Get stuck in Grant!