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  1. Dave B, 19. October 2020, 21:31

    How this takes me back 30 odd years to when my children were at the ‘playground age’. A real treat was to go on a playground-hunt around the city – by bus or train of course. It required a bit of prior research as to where the playgrounds were in relation to the bus routes etc, and also a collection of timetables. Then it was pack a picnic in the backpack, throw in some nappies for anyone still at that stage, maybe a bucket and spade if there was a chance of a beach somewhere, chuck in a few spare clothes and jackets just in case, and hit the trail. The Day-tripper or Family-rover provided excellent ticket-options and we meandered all over the place, clocking up 6, 8 even 10 playgrounds on our jaunt, each with its own special characteristics and activities. Then maybe finish with tea at McDonalds somewhere, before heading home to baths and bed. A great day out and an adventure to remember. I recommend it!

  2. Kenneth David Gordon Mackenzie, 20. October 2020, 11:06

    It is an essential part of a play area, to have drinking fountains and loos on or immediately adjacent to the site. Of the playgrounds I frequently use as a sexagenarian calisthenics enthusiast, only the one at the corner of Constable and Riddiford Streets is up to standard. The one by Kilbirnie Library lacks both as does the one by the bus tunnel. Other play grounds such as those at Adelaide Road opposite Wakefield Park and Brooklyn off Harrison Street lack pull-up bars suitable for all. What kind of City Council is not up to providing these cost-effective basic amenities for the well-being of citizens? Perhaps the same one that has not yet fixed the Central Library.