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Rebranding Karori, from Auckland

flags for Karori

by Andrea Skews
The Karori Residents Association has recently become aware that an Auckland manager, hired by the Karori Business Association to manage the Business Improvement District (BID), has engaged a branding person to create a brand for Karori.

KRA believes absolutely there is scope for branding Karori, but only after a democratic, consultative process with opportunity for locals to make submissions and vote.

The Residents Association is publicly asking the community for their feedback on this matter.

The Business Improvement District has slipped the brand out publicly under their Karori Business Association (KBA) umbrella as their new KBA brand, but have assumed the authority to also define this as the brand for the entire Karori suburb, despite a lack of engagement process with the Karori community.

Mayor Foster, who was the western ward councillor and is a resident of Karori, supports this brand publicly, but our local councillors agree that there should be consultation.

The Manager of the KBA (and other BIDS around the country) who is an Aucklander and not a resident of Karori, has indicated that they will be flying flags down the main road of Karori, with their version of a Karori brand on them.

While KRA is very supportive of our local businesses, we are very concerned about a business association brand also being used to brand the suburb as a whole, due to there being no democratic process or engagement around this.

Andrea Skews is chair of the Karori Residents Association. Her article was first published on the association’s website.


  1. Toni, 26. October 2020, 12:28

    If the local Business Association felt Karori needed rebranding, surely the first people to “talk” to should have been the residents who live in the area. Typical non-democratic process from those who think they know best!

  2. Concerned Wellingtonian, 26. October 2020, 16:19

    As somebody who gave vital support to Mayor Foster in the last Mayoral campaign I am very sorry that he seems to be out of touch on this. How can he possibly like having somebody from Auckland interfering without asking the Karori Residents Association?

  3. Andrew, 26. October 2020, 18:44

    Whoever put together this proposal needs to check heights for banners overhanging roads!

  4. Mal, 26. October 2020, 19:43

    Branding is fine for an organisation but how can you brand a suburb anyway? Who has the IP? Was the organisation proposing to charge the community to use the suburb brand? If so that’s complete extortion!

  5. Quentin, 26. October 2020, 20:28

    As a resident I’d expect to see options and have my say on them when it came to a design representing the place in which I live. By all means brand the KBA and its members, including a flag or sign outside their businesses if they so choose, but that’s not representative of Karori as a whole. The whole point of the referendum on the Aotearoa/NZ flag was to provide choices; haven’t seen that process at work here.

  6. John, 26. October 2020, 20:45

    Am I missing something? Shouldn’t the Karori Business Association be working with the Karori Residents Association on issues like this?

  7. Ughhh, 26. October 2020, 22:19

    Does Karori even need a brand? This seems quite OTT.

  8. David Mackenzie, 27. October 2020, 7:04

    I hope the brand uses the correct and acceptable name for the area “kaharore” a place for setting bird traps. Be-that-as-it-may, I deem that a name is enough. A brand would be vulgarly commercial.

  9. Concerned Wellingtonian, 27. October 2020, 8:42

    “vulgarly commercial” is what you usually get out of Auckland. This is doing the reputation of “business” in Wellington (let alone Karori) an awful lot of harm.