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  1. Marion Leader, 28. October 2020, 1:46

    How can 75% of the members possibly agree to selling out a key policy such as the wealth tax?

  2. Claire, 28. October 2020, 12:17

    Marion I suppose it depends on what else is on the table. Politics is about compromise and hopefully the most important things get actioned.

  3. Hel, 28. October 2020, 20:15

    Marion, I think the answer is that it was a ridiculous policy and there is no mandate to introduce it.

  4. CC, 28. October 2020, 23:02

    Those are bold assumptions Hel – do you have any evidence to support them?

  5. K, 29. October 2020, 11:15

    @Marion Leader: the Greens have zero leverage – anything they get is a gift. If they cant get 75% of members to agree to whatever gets negotiated, then Labour goes alone and the Greens end up with zero concessions from the Labour government towards any green policies for the next 3 years. Which would beg the question: What is the point of the Green party if they refuse to participate in a government when gifted the chance to do so? Would people who voted for the Green party prefer a Labour climate change minister over a Green Party one?

  6. greenwelly, 29. October 2020, 14:41

    @K, Because as Ministers in a government, any Green MP would be forced to support policy in that portfolio, even if it was not what they would decide to do… In our form of executive government, Ministers implement policy that is decided by cabinet.

    In the last government, while the Greens were outside cabinet, they indirectly got to influence the “big” decisions as they had enough votes in parliament to stop anything they really didn’t like. In this case they would be simply be strapped to a Labour horse with no ability to steer it. Whether Green party members want that is not yet clear.

  7. Claire, 30. October 2020, 7:21

    Labour has a green tinge nowadays. And remember Jacinda’s green nuclear moment. Labour needs to keep faith with green voters and the ideas that the Green Party offers. Let’s hope to see a push in the electric vehicle area. I expect to see three Green Ministers outside cabinet.