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  1. NigelTwo, 28. October 2020, 12:17

    Oops, I just retrieved a clear plastic “meat tray” from the recycling bin. It has a triangle with the number “1”, but alas… I am sure I am not the only one who falsely believed that once expanded polystyrene meat trays were phased out, we could recycle the replacements. Please, central government, introduce mandates on local bodies to make recycling uniform across our country.

  2. bsmith, 29. October 2020, 6:36

    Im sorry, but this is a simple thing to do … follow Sweden and turn trash into energy. Simple.

  3. CC, 29. October 2020, 9:49

    NigelTwo – From the Council website, “Due to a changing global market and a glut in low quality plastics, Wellington City Council will only accept plastics numbered 1, 2 and 5 in kerbside recycling, Public Place Recycling bins, and at the Recycle Centre from Monday 20 July.” If your meat tray was marked “1” it was recyclable.

  4. NigelTwo, 29. October 2020, 13:43

    @CC. Yes the number “1” meat tray is recyclable, but maybe not in Wellington. I read that the reason is:
    “our recycling processing plant (Oji) is not able to differentiate between recyclable (PET) and non-recyclable (PVC) grades of plastic”
    So Oji can identify a meat/food tray, but cannot identify what it is made of. Oji needs a software upgrade?

  5. Kara, 30. October 2020, 9:35

    One simple way to reduce all plastic is to refuse to buy vegetables and fruit that are wrapped in plastic.