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A ride that could be ruined

cycling round the bays

by Patrick Morgan
Biking around the bays is a stunning ride. But it could be ruined if traffic trebles. Cyclists will be forced off the road.

Next Wednesday, Wellington City Councillors vote on a proposal to develop Shelly Bay, permitting a giant housing and shopping development.

But there’s no plan to upgrade Shelly Bay Road. That could mean 3-4 vehicles every minute along a narrow road, trying to pass on blind corners. Cyclists could be expected to share a 1.5 metre path with pedestrians.


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Please take action to protect Round the Bays.

Contact your Councillors and let them know you want them to make sure cycling is protected. Ask for the decision to be put on hold until an upgrade of Shelly Bay Road is agreed.

Email or call your Councillor via https://wellington.govt.nz/your-council/mayor-and-councillors/councillors



  1. Pauline, 7. November 2020, 15:13

    Well said Patrick and I plan to attend the meeting on Wednesday… and will be drawing their attention to the 2017 Draft annual plan and the many submissions against widening the road and the concerns of sea level rising.

  2. Benny, 9. November 2020, 9:43

    I can’t imagine Eastern ward Councillors voting for the sale or lease of this land, given all that is known about Shelly Bay, and their commitment to promote active transport (well, speaking specifically about Sarah Free and Teri O’Neil here). This would be such a disappointment.

  3. Concerned Wellingtonian, 9. November 2020, 12:59

    Perish the thought but it should be noted that the scheme (wretched that it is) at least has the merit of capping ratepayers’ contribution to infrastructure to $10,000,000 and the “infrastructure” is seemingly agreed to include the access road. Therefore if councillors agree that the scheme goes ahead they should make certain that the road includes very wide cycleways, pavements, vehicle roads and barriers to prevent incursions from a rising water-level since these are to be mainly funded by the developer.
    It is part of the inadequacy of the papers being presented on Wednesday that plans for the road are left up in the air. Why is there no firm proposal on this? Are the Council bureaucrats wary of doing a proper job?

  4. Claire, 9. November 2020, 14:31

    I think the plan to widen the road for cycling, walking, and increased traffic, is not feasible. Also as said above the erosion and climate change will be a big issue. I don’t think there is enough room for all of this, my feeling is it won’t go ahead.

  5. Concerned Wellingtonian, 9. November 2020, 17:00

    Claire, I’m certain you are right. You have given the clinching argument why the development should not proceed. This also explains why the Council bureaucrats have kept very quiet about the road in the papers for Wednesday.

  6. Andrew Bartlett, 9. November 2020, 21:56

    This is the big concern here.

    Sadly developers don’t write blank cheques often and it makes most sense that the council’s ‘capped’ contribution will only cover the inadequate works in the traffic management plan – not even a set of traffic lights or a change in turn patterns at the cutting, let alone proper facility for those on bikes or enjoying our coastline on foot. The best result we can hope for is that as usual, the council will resolve the concerns of all parties by the building of a massive (and massively expensive) engineering solution, such as you see around Evans bay and Pt Jerningham. Much more likely however this will be specified and quickly discarded due to cost and environmental considerations. There just isn’t the space for a safe solution to preserve access for people and move that much traffic!

    Perhaps we can get something truly innovative and have the road one-way with a return via Mapuia, but I dare not hope.

  7. Faemonty, 11. November 2020, 11:11

    The Motu Kairanga road is used by residents from all suburbs as an amazing could-be-anywhere cycle/walk/drive inside our city. We don’t need construction traffic for years or tens of thousands of car journeys a day wrecking that. Leave as be please. Build at Grenada etc. [via twitter]