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One new covid case in Wellington – met ‘Case B” for lunch at Little Penang

News from Ministry of Health
There are three new cases of COVID-19 to report in New Zealand today, two of them in the community. One of them is in Wellington and is connected to the November quarantine cluster.

Case C is a close contact of Case B and tested positive on 11 November. Case C met Case B for lunch in Wellington at the Little Penang restaurant on The Terrace on Friday afternoon. On developing symptoms on Saturday they self-isolated at home and had a COVID-19 test.

Although initially returning a negative result on day 3, they were moved to quarantine at the Grand Mercure in Wellington as a precaution on Tuesday. A second test yesterday resulted in a positive result.

Push notifications were sent out on Sunday for Little Penang The Terrace, visited by Case B and Case C. Anyone who visited the restaurant between 1pm and 4pm on Friday should have a test if they feel symptomatic.

Household contacts for Case C are in isolation and have returned negative results. All identified close contacts of the new case are isolating. All close contacts of Case B, other than Case C, have returned a negative test result.

Auckland community case

Today we are also reporting a community case in Auckland for which we continue to investigate the source of transmission. The person became symptomatic on Monday. She was tested late on Tuesday. She went to work at A – Z Collection on High Street from Sunday to Wednesday. Her positive test was confirmed this morning. She is being moved to the Auckland quarantine facility today.

This is another very important reminder that if you are unwell with cold symptoms, you should get a test and stay at home until you have a negative test result.

Auckland Regional Public Health is interviewing the woman today to identify close and casual contacts, and to further understand her movements during the period she may have been infectious, which we believe to have been around Saturday 7 November.

The person lives alone and appears to have had limited community outings recently. For instance, she had not visited a supermarket during the period they might have been infectious. She is a student at AUT, however has not been to any lectures or classes on campus since mid-October. There is no concern with any potential exposures on campus.

At this time, as highly precautionary step we are asking people who may have visited A-Z Collections store on High St and the Vincent Residences at 106 Vincent Street between Saturday 7 November and today 12 November to isolate and get advice on being tested promptly even if asymptomatic, and stay isolated until you receive the results.

RNZ: All workers in Auckland CBD asked to work from home on Friday

As always anyone in the Auckland area who has cold or flu symptoms should get a test and stay at home until you have a negative test result. Additional locations of interest will be identified and notified to the public as soon as possible, including any locations in the central city area where the case lives and works. Auckland health officials are working to provide additional testing in this central city area.

We are urgently working to trace the woman’s movements over the past week to determine how she became infected. Genome testing of this case is also underway to help us understand any potential links to previous cases. At this stage the Ministry is not advising of any need to change the current approach.

Today’s third case was detected in a recent returnee in a managed isolation facility. They arrived on 9 November from Los Angeles. They returned a positive test around day 3 of their stay in managed isolation and have been moved to the Auckland quarantine facility.


Two previously reported cases have now recovered, bringing our total number of active cases to 53.

Our total number of confirmed cases is now 1,635.

Yesterday our laboratories completed 6,581 tests for COVID-19, bringing our total number of tests completed to date to 1,155,514.


There are now 2,349,900 registered users of the NZ COVID Tracer app. Poster scans have reached 112,469,275 and there have been 4,667, 638 manual diary entries. These recent cases have re-emphasised the importance of keeping track of your movements.

It’s important we all scan the QR codes wherever we see them, so we can be notified when we may have been exposed to COVID-19 and to help contact tracers stay one step ahead of the virus.


  1. Checkpoint, 12. November 2020, 14:14

    The Health Minister is urging people flying in and out of Auckland to wear masks as a precaution. [via twitter]

  2. Circa Theatre, 12. November 2020, 14:16

    Like everyone, we’ll be awaiting the update at 5pm regarding Alert Levels. We’ve been through this process before and can get through it again, whatever happens. [via twitter]

  3. greenwelly, 12. November 2020, 15:11

    We’ve been “urged” by both Ashley B and Ministers/PM to wear masks on ALL Public transport (incl planes) for weeks now … Why they haven’t mandated it I do not know. As for possible sources, the positive quarantine worker visited 2 establishments in Downtown Auckland not far from the new case’s workplace on Thursday last week…. it would fit a 3-5 day incubation period to become symptomatic on Monday.

  4. Toni, 12. November 2020, 18:38

    greenwelly: totally agree. Masks should be compulsory at level 1 and so should using the App or signing in. Too many people are ignoring this and as soon as there is a new community case we are on the back foot. The manager in Auckland who forced the staff member isolating with suspected Covid to go into work should also get more than a “we are disappointed” statement from the government, as now there is a chance of Aucklanders going back into lockdown. Hopefully this is a lesson for other managers/staff who think it is OK to ignore official advice.

  5. Hamish Keith, 13. November 2020, 8:49

    One useful thing from the latest covid news – the virus might be forgotten by some BUT IT IS NOT YET GONE. Snap the App. [via twitter]

  6. Kara Lipski, 13. November 2020, 10:12

    It would be great if the bus operators in Wellington would display the QR code throughout the buses and not just in the front.

  7. lindsay, 13. November 2020, 11:05

    We are beyond joyous that our shows can continue!