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High Court challenge to Shelly Bay plans; concerns about roading and congestion

Report from RNZ
Opponents of the controversial Shelly Bay development in Wellington are challenging the plan at the High Court.

Business group Enterprise Miramar is against the $500 million property development by the Wellington Company, and its lawyer Matthew Smith said local people were seriously concerned about roading and congestion issues.

There were also worries about environmental effects, he said.

There were many other vocal opponents to the development, including Peter Jackson and mayor Andy Foster.

The city council last week voted in favour of the sale and lease of some land which will be part of development.

Council lawyer Nick Whittington told the court this proceeding had no material impact on the vote last week.

The High Court hearing has been set down for two days.

Further legal action is scheduled for next year.


  1. michael, 17. November 2020, 10:46

    Little wonder there is concern about the road, when in 2016 the WCC recommended the bare minimum width for the inadequate road, and noted that this was not going to be adequate in the longer term. They also agreed that, if after monitoring the road is not fit for purpose, then the WCC “will have to fully meet any costs of road improvements that exceed the agreed budget.”

  2. Michael Gibson, 17. November 2020, 13:08

    michael (NB not me!) – it was particularly disgraceful that so many councillors were happy that the report about the road last week gave no idea what was needed. I am reminded what Cr Sarah Free said so wisely to the Council at its fatal Meeting on September 27th 2017: “I want this Council to be on notice that we’re going to have to spend a lot of money to make a decent and safe road and we’re going to have to do that sensitively to the natural values of the site.”

  3. michael, 17. November 2020, 16:42

    @ Michael Gibson: I cannot understand why the councillors seem happy to accept that the council is not only paying half of the $20 million infrastructure cost that would normally be paid by a developer, but they also have recognised that the standard of roading infrastructure established under the resource application is going to need upgrading at a cost for the WCC of many $millions. Where is the value to the ratepayers in all of this? Clearly many iwi members see no benefit for them either. The only one benefitting seems to be the developer.

    And, if iwi win their court case next year and the development does not go ahead – have the council agreed to buy back their land and compensate the developer, as that wouldn’t surprise me either.