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  1. aom, 22. November 2020, 19:57

    Hopefully, another Maximus or Leviathan will step up to the mark. The informed commentary, reports and critiques of Eye of the Fish are too valuable to disappear into the depths of the harbour. Go well Levi!

  2. Henry Filth, 23. November 2020, 20:31

    Thank you for the blog, Levi.

  3. Dave B, 23. November 2020, 21:29

    Hi Leviathan. You realise you are falsely attributing to Glenn Smith, plans to extend heavy rail through the city. The guilty windbag who keeps banging on about this is a certain Dave B. Glen Smith is innocent. He is calling for a more modest, ‘medium weight’ solution. And you really don’t need to call for Glen and his ilk (which I suppose includes me) to be “over-ruled”. What is there to over-rule? If you think we and our hare-brained ideas carry enough political weight to need over-ruling then my goodness, how did that happen! You needn’t worry. As you say, unless you’re Jacinda or Grant (or Len Brown, who successfully campaigned for Auckland’s City Rail Link), then the amount of political influence you can have in this world is minuscule. On the other hand, unless you are a particular fan of 4-lanes-to-the-planes and a Basin flyover, you should be calling for over-ruling of the much more powerful interests supporting these proposals, because these are still likely to be the default if we don’t act do something pretty radical with rail instead.

    By the way, sorry to see Eye of the Fish close. You may have had more influence than you think. Sometimes seeds just take a long, long time to germinate. All the best.

  4. Helene Ritchie, 24. November 2020, 12:38

    Thanks Levi. We’ve jostled just a bit – you and I over the years … agreed and disagreed! I guessed you are an architect but that might be wrong too! All the best with your future.