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Last words from Levi

We’re late to say farewell to Leviathan, who’s given up his popular and influential Wellington blog eyeofthefish [1].

His reasons for stopping – “I can’t go on,” he wrote – could be shared by anyone who works to maintain and sustain a website:

… at present I feel like I’ve said all I can say, written all I should write, and also feel like I have made not one jot of difference to the world. We’ve debated the Golden Mile time and time again, the Basin Bridge has been examined every which way but loose, there have been good buildings (a few) and bad buildings (far too many), but we are still left with a debacle in our capital city … Unless you’re Jacinda or Grant, then the amount of political influence you can have in this world is minuscule, and the amount of energy you have to put into it is enormous.

Leviathan offers his final list, “off the cuff, on the spot,” of what needs to happen in Wellington:

• Sort out the Basin traffic – adopt the Architectural Centre’s plan and just do it. A simple fix.

• Light Rail – to the airport – start now. We know the route (waterfront) so just over-rule the Glen Smiths of this world that keep prattling on about extending heavy rail through the city: its just not going to happen.

• Appoint a Minister of Architecture … who will decree what buildings should stay or go, what new buildings should be allowed or not (no more Chow brothels for instance), and all the rest of the Council cash should be spent on repairing the drains and sewers and fresh water. Again: just do it.

• Install smooth surfaced scooter lanes throughout the city, because I think it is the way of the future. Leave your car behind and scoot through the city (but obviously, not on the Light Rail tracks).

• Rooftop bars on all new developments and free beers on Friday afternoons (because I am a dictator and therefore I will dictate).

It’s a sad farewell to Leviathan. Here’s hoping there’s a chance that, one day, you’ll decide to return.