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Burst water main in Tawa – fourth this week

A burst watermain in Tawa created a spectacular geyser this morning.

Service wasn’t restored till 11.25, when Wellington Water said work reinstating the site would continue for some time.

The burst came two days after burst mains in Titahi Bay, Woburn and Martinborough.

Wellington.Scoop – November 25
Wellington Water was repairing burst watermains in Woburn and Titahi Bay this morning. And tonight it had to send another crew to fix a burst watermain in Martinborough.

The broken main in Titahi Bay cut the water supply to homes in Potts Lane, and Wellington Water said this might cause low water pressure in the surrounding area.

It said it was putting measures in place to “alleviate” silt transfer into Titahi Bay.

At 10.45: A hydro-evacuation truck was clearing all of the sumps to ensure no possibility of silt getting into the stormwater system. A water tanker was at the Mariner Hotel. Water was restored to the area at 4:00pm.

The burst watermain in Woburn cut the supply to 24 homes in Sherwood Street.

Then at 5pm, a new problem. Wellington Water reported via a tweet that there were reports of an outage in Martinborough. It said crews were on the way. They found a burst water main at the corner of Jellicoe and Weld Streets. Affected properties were Jellicoe to Ferry Road, Ferry Road to Roberts Street, Weld Street from Jellicoe to Roberts and also French Street.

Water was restored in Martinborough at about 9pm.

Today’s problems came three days after a burst watermain in Newlands, which affected 100 homes.

Wellington.Scoop – November 22
A burst main left 100 homes in Newlands without water for most of today. The outage was in Link Road.

The Wellington Water website said this morning that 100 homes had been without water since midnight. The website message, timed at midnight, said: “We expect to resolve the issue in six hours.”

But the council-owned company then tweeted conflicting information – a tweet timed at 9.30 said the road would be closed for six hours during repairs to the main.

Which six hours did they mean?

The next news from Wellington Water was tweeted at 1.40, and said repairs were continuing, with the aim of service being restored by 4pm. There was an apology for the inconvenience.

Then at 3.07:

Repairs now complete and water service restored. Please run a cold tap until the air pockets and cloudy water have been cleared (this could take a few minutes). Hot water taps, dishwashers and washing machines should not be used until you have done this.

The DomPost reports that seven Newlands bus stops have been closed because of damage to the road caused by the broken water main.

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