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Taxpayers’ Union has issues about mayor’s involvement with Shelly Bay occupation

Media release from NZ Taxpayers’ Union
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has criticised Wellington Mayor Andy Foster’s involvement with the occupation at Shelly Bay.

Union spokesperson Louis Houlbrooke says: “There are three serious issues here.

“One, the Mayor is not accepting a clear majority decision by his Council. He and his wealthy backer Sir Peter Jackson need to accept that they had the argument on this issue, and they lost.”

“Two, the Mayor’s backing of an illegal land occupation opens Wellington ratepayers to a damages claim or expensive settlement for the development’s investors.”

“Three, the Mayor is undermining property rights. If developers don’t have certainty of their right to develop land they own, then housing won’t get built and the affordability crisis will deepen. Shelly Bay risks risks becoming another Ihumātao, only with the Mayor on the front line.”

“The irony of Andy Foster’s attempts to ‘protect’ Shelly Bay is that he’s on track to see the land indefinitely overtaken by a ramshackle tent city and trucked-in Port-a-Loos. Mayor Foster, Sir Peter, and their extras should get out of the way and allow the land to be lawfully developed, as has been decided by the Council after long debate.”

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  1. Ms Green, 24. November 2020, 10:54

    I usually have issues with the Taxpayers’ ‘Union’! On this occasion, I query why the mayor, who controls the Council agenda, put the sale and lease of Council land, with a commercial agreement favouring the developer, up for a debate which he was bound to lose. Why did he not wait until after the Court case in March, when the legality of the sale of land to Cassels will be decided? Surely it was not just so that he could bang a tent peg in? Or does he think this is his ‘winning’ issue for the next mayoral election?