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“Not fit for a dog” – renters criticise central city flat costing $815 a week

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Report from RNZ
An advertisement for an $815 a week central Wellington flat has sparked an angry reaction from Wellington renters, who have described it as not even fit for a dog, with bedrooms more like “dungeons”.

The flat has four bedrooms and one bathroom – and is so run-down that some have described it as a “death trap”.

Wellington Renters United says this is just one of many examples of how bad the rental situation is in the capital.

Some of the comments made by potential renters on the Vic deals Facebook page where the property was advertised include:

“I can smell the black mould from the photos”

“Burn it down”

“Quinovic have some self respect. Fix the carpet and those loose wires at the very least. This can’t fit legal living standards surely”

“To Quinovic and the person who owns this hell hole you should be very ashamed …I wouldn’t even let my cat stay a night here let alone a human being!!”

Quinovic Thorndon told RNZ in an email that management of the property had only been passed to Quinovic in the last few days.

“As we have just taken over the property, we are in the process of working through Healthy Home compliance standards and will be taking actions required to ensure the property is compliant within the required time frame.”

Zoe from Renters United told Karyn Hay the flat was par for the course in Wellington where cold, damp flats could fetch up to $250 per room.

“Rooms like this are incredibly dangerous to tenants’ health, not just to their bank accounts. It shows just how desperate people are to just have a roof over their heads, no matter what quality that roof is, or how expensive it is, just to have somewhere to live, the situation is incredibly desperate.”

She says post the Covid rent freeze, they are hearing stories of significant rent hikes in the capital.

“We’ve had emails from people whose landlords have hiked their rent $100 a week.”

Despite the state of the property, she thinks people will pay the rent.

“I think $200 a room in Wellington is cheap, people are paying $250 a week for a room in Wellington, so of course people are going to pay for this. Especially people like first year [university] students who are willing to pay a lot of money and not have a great room as long as they live close to the city. I think that students would kill for that flat.”


  1. Kara, 27. November 2020, 12:55

    This is just ONE example of sub-standard over priced rentals in Wellington. High time for legislation that covers how much may be charged for rentals.

  2. Julienz, 27. November 2020, 19:35

    The shame of this kind of property being rented out at “market rates” is that the owner has more than likely owned it for a millennium. They leech off better quality properties coming on line and setting the rent. The rate of return on the original investment will be huge. It has probably been bought and paid for multiple times by generations of students, and the owners will still get a capital gain when they sell. I don’t mind an investor getting a fair return on investment but the avarice of these slumlords is frankly immoral. It is time to tax.

  3. Claire, 28. November 2020, 8:01

    Surely some of the new legislation coming in covers this. It shouldn’t be on the market at all. There are a lot of cladding issues and leaking buildings out there. Probably more so than old houses.