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WOMAD seeking new partner for its annual event next March

News from WOMAD.org
Over the last 20 years, WOMAD and TAFT have worked hard to create an award-winning festival in New Plymouth and WOMAD is now regarded as one of the most important events on New Zealand’s cultural calendar. Since TAFT advised us of their decision (below), at WOMAD we have been working hard to find a new production partner to keep the festival alive in 2021 and beyond. Those discussions are ongoing but very positive and we hope to be able to announce the continuation of WOMAD New Zealand into 2021 in the coming days.

Not surprisingly the format for 2021 will be somewhat different but will present the usual diverse programme of artists with all or most of them based in New Zealand. This is possible because of New Zealand’s richly diverse population and cultural heritage. New Zealand has had fantastic and enviable success in controlling the pandemic, and whilst this means it’s all but impossible for artists to attend from overseas it means we are fortunate enough to be able to present a WOMAD festival locally with all the features we know and love.

By promoting WOMAD in New Plymouth for another year, we will be able to offer employment opportunities to many of our longstanding crew and supporters in the toughest of years for our industry, and to continue to support local business with a festival that injects millions of dollars into the economy in a region we now call home.

News from TAFT
Taranaki Arts Festival Trust (TAFT) has made the heart-wrenching decision that they will not present WOMAD NZ in March next year.

WOMAD NZ for the last 20 years has been about connecting Aotearoa to the World and the World to Aotearoa.

With the global uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, TAFT has been carefully considering all the implications this has on presenting the festival. TAFT explored all options possible, including seeking an underwrite from the government and funding organisation to support the festival going ahead in 2021.

Festivalgoers, artists, staff, and the wider community has been at the forefront of the festival team’s planning over the last few months, but after much consideration, TAFT has decided they will not present WOMAD NZ in 2021.

It is an uncertain time for festivals and events, and TAFT sends thanks to the loyal crew, suppliers, traders, sponsors, artists, and all festivalgoers who have stood by, and waited for this announcement.

More, much more, about the future of WOMAD.

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  1. Claire, 30. November 2020, 13:18

    This is the right decision. With no world artists, it would not be the Womad we all love. I for one will look forward to going in 2022.