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Road works outside Convention Centre will reduce lanes on two city streets for two months

News from Wellington City Council
During January and February there will be weekday road works on Cable Street and Wakefield Street to connect utility services to the Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The works, including water, power, wastewater and stormwater connections, will involve lane closures on weekdays and are planned over two stages:

Stage One:
Cable Street Works: 5 January – 29 January 2021, weekdays only, 24 hour site

The works will involve some trenching across the Cable Street road and footpath, and Cable Street will be down to one lane during the works to enable safe trenching and pipe installation.
The lanes will be opened up Saturdays and Sundays

Stage Two:
Wakefield Street Works: 1 – 27 February 2021 9am – 4pm, weekdays only

The works will involve some trenching across the Cable Street road and footpath, and Cable St will be down to one lane during the works to enable safe trenching and pipe installation.

The lanes will be reinstalled every weekday after 4pm and in the weekends.

A traffic management plan with Wellington City Council’s traffic team will be in place prior to works starting for both phases.

There will be lane restrictions and diversions during the road works, which will increase traffic on the remaining lanes. Information about lane closures will be managed through radio and social media at the start of the works and throughout the works period. There will also be large traffic signs throughout the central city to manage traffic and to alert road users of diversions.

We will maintain access for vehicle and other road user and pedestrians to neighbouring buildings for residents and businesses.

We want to thank the public for their patience and apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

Tākina Wellington Convention Centre – Next steps

Work on the Tākina Wellington Convention Centre is progressing well. Since completing the piling work and installation of the base isolators, contractors have focused on the installation of the steel structure which is now visible from street view.

In the next 3-6 months there will be continued work on the steel structure and concreting of floors as well as the installation of the façade canopies. Once this stage has been completed, paint work throughout the building will start, and preparation for services will be installed. We are on track for completion of the Centre in 2023.

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  1. GrahamCA, 23. December 2020, 19:04

    Why would Cable Street be down to one lane in February when the work is described as being on Wakefield Street, or is this just the usual “efficient” WCC PR team not knowing how to edit a cut & paste?

  2. Kara, 23. December 2020, 19:52

    The convention centre will be a waste. There is a stadium near the railway station that needs a roof.

  3. Pam, 24. December 2020, 21:07

    Brilliant, a convention centre being built in the height of a global pandemic. WCC provides ever more reasons not to travel into the CBD, no parking, traffic congestion due to burst pipes and multiple closed roads. Not sure what the goal is here??

  4. Chris Horne, 26. December 2020, 19:44

    Conventional wisdom has it that conventions for which people must travel in long-haul jet aircraft are a thing of the past. The Covid-19 pandemic reinforces that conclusion.

    Eliminating jet travel to conventions anywhere in the world will drastically reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases which are contributing to catastrophic climate change.

    Instead of flying to conventions from now on, people will be able to share their wisdom and make decisions by ZOOM or by SKYPE. Employers will benefit because their staff will be able to spend all their time at work, instead of wasting it flying back and forth and wasting their employers’ money on airfares and hotel bills.

  5. TrevorH, 27. December 2020, 7:37

    @ Chris Horne. COVID has indeed required many innovations and behaviour modifications. One would hope that in the future many international meetings, including conferences of the parties to the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change, might be carried out by making full use of ZOOM or SKYPE. This would also have the benefit of saving Ministers and officials the embarrassment of preaching one thing to their publics, such as the need to reduce air travel, and appearing to do quite the opposite.

  6. Sasha, 28. December 2020, 10:04

    Appreciate the update and looking forward to this wonderful design being realised. This city does need a convention center. As for zoom and skype – rubbish. They cannot replace an in-person gathering. Many of us have learned this the hard way in 2020.

  7. Claire, 28. December 2020, 10:21

    Zoom and Skype certainly have a place as does working from home and four-day weeks. A mix of the above probably the way to go. The convention centre is not needed, WCC’s other venues are under utilised. There are many more basic things to pay for. This is a glamour project. And will possibly be a white elephant.

  8. Tim, 13. January 2021, 16:56

    Are they sure they haven’t underestimated the work involved with such a massive engineering undertaking? Installing 3 waters to a building and electricity – 24 days in one month and 26 in the next, with work 24 hours a day.
    Pardon me if I don’t believe it. There has to be more than just that, because if true, we have some serious skill, project management and credibility shortages. And so far with this massive undertaking, it hasn’t been 24 hours, and one lane has been used primarily to park a digger overnight.
    I suggest a satisfaction survey. One of those multiple choice ones with questions designed to give the required outcome.


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