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Happy Christmas, after record year

christmas tree 2020

Wishing all our readers a Happy Christmas. For Wellington.Scoop, it’s been the best year. For the first time, we achieved more than 100,000 pageviews in 30 days. And we sustained this level for several months.

August was the month when it started – we attracted over 103,000 pageviews, 30 per cent more than the same month the previous year.

September was even better – more than 108,000 pageviews in 30 days. The highest number since we began twelve years ago.

The growth of Wellington.Scoop is further demonstrated if we look back to previous years. In September 2018 we had 71,700 pageviews. And in September 2019: 90,401.

Our most popular reports during the record September month were all about urban issues. An article about preserving Newtown’s heritage areas attracted 2661 readers. A story about defending the streets of Newtown, and Gregor Thompson’s article headed “a tightrope act in Newtown,” each attracted more than 2100 pageviews. As did a report on problems in Te Aro Park. And we received many comments on each of them. The active dialogue by Wellington.Scoop readers participating in our comments is an important part of our success.

Now at the end of the year, the Spatial Plan is the most-discussed topic on Wellington.Scoop. Felicity Wong’s summary of the different opinions expressed at city council meetings attracted 50 comments – and there could have been more, but our system cannot handle more than fifty. So reluctantly, comments were closed.

But they’re still open on so many other topics. We look forward to another year of lively and diverse opinions from our readers. And till the new year begins, Happy Christmas.


  1. Concerned Wellingtonian, 25. December 2020, 18:47

    It’s the masterful editing that helps!

  2. claire, 25. December 2020, 20:01

    Thanks to you Wellington.Scoop – always a pleasure to be able to comment and debate on your articles. Yes the Spatial Plan has caused a lot of concern and it’s great to have an outlet such as yours. Also to be informed by your many varied other topics.

  3. Wendy, 25. December 2020, 20:50

    Thank you Wellington.Scoop for enabling Wellingtonians to have their say.

  4. Mike Mellor, 26. December 2020, 12:30

    Thanks, Lindsay – Wellington.Scoop is a very valuable and much appreciated source of information, and of well-informed comment and debate. Wellington would be a very much poorer place without it.

  5. Conor, 28. December 2020, 6:41

    Merry Christmas Lindsay – your work here is much appreciated.

  6. Alana, 29. December 2020, 15:30

    Thank you Wellington.Scoop and Lindsay! No other such quality coverage and investigative reporting on local news and politics. And fun, too!

  7. Polly, 30. December 2020, 12:19

    Could not agree more with the other six comments. We are so lucky to have Wellington.Scoop … happy holidays everyone, may the sun continue to shine.

  8. D'Esterre, 30. December 2020, 13:57

    I agree with the sentiments above. Wellington is very lucky to have Scoop.


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