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Horse injured and killed after feature race at Trentham

News from Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses
Rock on Wood was killed in the events feature race, the Harcourts sponsored Thorndon Mile, at the Wellington Racing Club’s meeting at Trentham yesterday. He was six-years-old.

His death occurred whilst the Coalition of the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) was protesting outside the course, warning attendees about this very thing and holding signs stating Harcourts Kills Horses.

“We are devastated to learn of the death of Rock On Wood but by no means surprised” said CPR Wellington spokesperson Frances Baker. “Horses are often killed on the racetrack due to being pushed too hard for gambling profits.”

CPR NZ tried to reach out to Harcourts to discuss the negative impacts of horse racing prior to yesterdays event but their request was rejected by the managing director stating, “I have no wish to discuss this further”. Now they have blood on their hands.

Rock on Wood suffered a fracture and was ‘humanely euthanised’.

“Fractures, along with heart attacks are common causes of death in horse racing and one of the many reasons why it is now considered to be 21st century legalised cruelty.”

“Even our Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson was there in support of this blood sport.” Ms Baker said. “If individuals were being killed in any other form of entertainment the public would be up in arms about it and the government would be forced to respond, but in the case of horse racing, they fund it.”

“During another race; a punter walked onto the track and stood in the front of the incoming horses. It was described as a ‘horrific scene’ by the attendees but what the public neglect to realise is that horses’ lives are at risk each and every time they are forced to race” Ms Baker said.

“Media coverage is swarming with photos of the man who walked onto the track and even of the two naked men who were running in between races, whilst ignoring the death of Rock On Wood, who lost his life for gambling profits. His death should have been paramount”.

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