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9-6 – city councillors vote not to sell part of the Central Library building

Wellington city councillors today reversed their decision of two weeks ago, and voted not to sell any floors of the Central Library building.

The vote was 9 to 6. The mayor was one of the six who voted again for part privatisation.

The amendment to remove the option of selling floors of the building from consultation documents was tabled by Cr Fleur Fitzsimons, who has the council’s library portfolio.

In the NZ Herald today, Georgina Campbell reports that the council will have to increase its borrowing in order to cover the full cost of strengthening the Library building.


  1. Toni, 4. March 2021, 16:49

    Shame they didn’t reverse the decision to sell Shelly Bay.

  2. Ray Chung, 5. March 2021, 10:23

    When are we going to get some suggestions from councillors on how to reduce items in the DLTP giving some relief to ratepayers who have to pay for the councillors’ largesse?