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Eastern Bays Shared Path gets resource consent; “milestone” says Campbell Barry

Press Release – Hutt City Council
Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry has welcomed today’s news that resource consent has been granted for the Eastern Bays Shared Path, saying that it is a major milestone for the significant project and the provision of world class infrastructure for all active transport users.

“This is a major milestone for the project, and is a step forward to improving the current infrastructure. Instead of forcing users to use the road shoulder at certain points, this project will extend the path and provide walkers and cyclists in the Hutt with options to move freely and safely.”

“As a growing city with more cars on the road, we need to encourage people into active transport modes. That’s why it’s vital we improve these links by investing in world class infrastructure.”

A 4.4 km path will run along Marine Drive in two sections: between Point Howard and the northern end of Days Bay, and the southern end of Days Bay (Windy Point) to Eastbourne (Muritai Road/Marine Parade intersection).

The Eastern Bays Shared Path is being co-funded by the Crown with central government investing $15 million as part of its COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.

Mayor Barry also says that the Shared Path will unlock significant social, economic and recreational benefits.

“The Shared Path will increase the resilience of the seawall against the effects of rising sea levels, and encourage people from all over the region to the Eastern Bays.”

Deputy Mayor and Harbour Ward Councillor Tui Lewis says she is thrilled for all those who reside, visit and are active in the Eastern Bays communities.

“This project has been talked about for decades, so I’m really pleased for the community who finally have confirmation that the project can go ahead pending appeals.”

“Not only will the Shared Path support people’s wellbeing, safety and resilience in the Eastern Bays, it also offers an attractive way in and out of the area that will bolster local tourism.”

Once completed, the Eastern Bays Shared Path will form a part of the larger Lower Hutt walk and cycle network including; The Beltway, The Wainuiomata Hill Shared Path and the Hutt River Trail.

The Eastern Bays Shared Path provides opportunities for protecting the resilience of the road and underground services by upgrading the supporting seawalls.

The path will provide enhanced connections:

  • within the individual bays (for recreation and access);
  • between different bays (to shops, schools, recreation, etc.);
  • to and from Lower Hutt and beyond (to work, school or for recreation;
  • other regional cycle routes including the Great Harbour Way/Te Aranui o Pōneke walking/cycling route (Leg 3 Burdens Gate to Seaview) and the extension of the Remutaka Cycle Trail (one of the New Zealand Great Rides) from the mouth of the Orongorongo River to Burdens Gate.

In addition to increased connectivity, the path will provide the first step in enabling the Marine Drive road corridor to respond to the challenges of sea level rise.

Replacement seawalls will provide improved protection from storm events for Marine Drive and other infrastructure contained within the Marine Drive road corridor. The replacement seawalls will reduce overtopping and debris on the road and develop a consistent seawall design that can be added to in the future.

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  1. Campbell Barry, 5. March 2021, 22:42

    After being talked about for 20 years, in this term we’ve been able to secure govt funding, get consent, and will be starting construction in the middle of this year! [via twitter]

  2. Andy Mellon, 6. March 2021, 10:44

    Excellent news. It doesn’t feel particularly safe cycling along to Eastbourne. This will make it much more appealing. Just need to fill in that missing part of the Remutaka Circuit from the Wainui Coast Road to Pencarrow (well, I know you can cycle it, I’ve done it before, but make it more ‘formal’)

    What’s the expected timeframe?

  3. bsmith, 8. March 2021, 12:45

    Ok mayor, you’re quick to advise the govts portion, I note , but no comment on what the ratepayers share is.