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Open Studios – once a year in Newtown?

Report by Carrie Atkinson
Newtown artists hope this year’s successful Open Studios will become an annual event.

Artists’ studios were bustling in Newtown earlier this week with the Newtown Open Studios event exceeding expectations.

With the sun out, people were out and straight into the open doors of numerous studios showcasing Newtown’s expansive creative community.

Screenprinter Anna Woolhouse of Veronica Design Life was surprised by the widespread enthusiasm for the event, which ran for the first time this year.

“I got the sense that people came from all over Wellington to visit Open Studios.”

With such a supportive community, Anna sees Newtown Open Studios as a way of providing an insight into the creative hub that Newtown has become.

“(There’s) more understanding of artists, (people) get a chance to value artists’ work.”

After its successful first run, there are discussions of creating a regular annual event.

“If it becomes a regular event, more people will know to get involved,” Anna said.

Even though the Newtown Open Studios event is officially over for the year, the artists in Newtown are still hustling with creative ideas, spurred by the enthusiasm from the community. “It was exciting… it all happens in Newtown.”

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