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The latest burst watermain is in Homewood Avenue, Karori

A burst watermain in Karori has cut supplies to about 30 houses in Homewood Avenue and neighbouring streets.

Wellington Water said at 3pm that restoring the supply would take at least five hours.

It said traffic control would be on site shortly, and a mark out needed to occur before the excavation process could begin.

Homewood Avenue is described as one of Karori’s most prestigious and desirable locations. One of its residents is the UK High Commissioner, whose 19th century home is one of those that have lost its water supply. But never fear, her staff will be able to collect bottled water, for any entertaining this evening.

And not only bottled water.

Since then: nothing but silence about Homewood Avenue from Wellington Water.


  1. Dave Armstrong, 8. April 2021, 15:35

    Many people think that geysers are an elitist art form only catering to the wealthy. Even though that latest event in the Wgtn Geyser Festival is in the more expensive part of town, we can assure you there will be geysers appearing in a diversity of places in the coming months.

  2. Ray Chung, 9. April 2021, 21:06

    It’s not just old and prestigious streets that have burst water mains! As I came home this afternoon, there were Wellington Water trucks in Rajkot Terrace in Broadmeadows!


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