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Bob Jones named as an opponent of buses in Manners Mall and Golden Mile

With only five days remaining to send submissions to the city council about the plan to allow buses into Manners Mall, the campaigners defending the street against buses have a wealthy ally, according to columnist Deborah Coddington.

Writing in the Sunday Herald, she says that Sir Robert Jones has given a speech in which he challenged the mayor to make the entire Golden Mile a vehicle free zone.

Coddington writes:

In a speech this year to the Wellington Property Council, Jones challenged Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast to rid the city’s “golden mile” – Lambton Quay, Willis St, Manners St and Courtenay Place – of vehicles and create a pedestrian mall.

For the first time in human history, Jones said in his speech, half the world’s population now live in cities, and for this we should rejoice.

“I’ve been to about 150 countries and observed cities which plainly have living appeal. The one particular characteristic of all vibrant and appealing cities is pedestrian malls.

“Wellingtonians like to boast of their cafe society but we’re pathetic compared with numerous other cities when it comes to cafe culture.

“People and motor vehicles don’t mix. Traffic, in particular buses, introduces an abrasive element to city living. It’s not necessary. People love shopping and strolling amid diners, relaxing and watching the passing parade.”

That’s the report from Deborah Coddington.

If you have strong feelings about the council’s plan to allow buses back into Manners Street, then you can send your submission to the council online.

But Friday is the last day.

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  1. the City is Ours, 27. October 2009, 22:33

    The City is Ours supports the views held by Sir Robert Jones for reasons other then a “crap” cafe culture. Our objections are two fold and that is the cost outlay of $ 11 million and the increased risk to public health and safety with Manners Mall being too narrow to accomodate both pedestrians and buses. With over 12.000 people now residing in the Central City we expect a people approach rather then giving way to buses in such an aggresive manner. Just ask yourselves how would you like it if someone suggested 140 + buses per hour traveling through your street to save 165 seconds per trip.