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AC/DC in Brooklyn and Kingston and Lyall Bay and …

It’s the first time we’ve ever heard a Stadium show in Brooklyn. No need to buy tickets. It’s almost like having a front row seat. Except we can’t see the band.

This is what it looks like – the Twitpick photo is from MFindlater.

Let’s hope that the locals are keeping calm in Thorndon. They may have heard nothing like these sound levels before. but they’d be mean if they demanded that the volume be turned down. After all, it’s one night only. Well, there is another show on Saturday night. But the visitors are billed as the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world, and they’ve sold more than 200 million records.

Here’s a Twitter message from Kingston.

We are 6km away from the AC/DC concert in Thorndon & can hear it clearly on this balmy Wellington evening. Now that’s LOUD!

A message from a more distant suburb.

I’m all the way over in Lyall Bay, about 9 kms away, and I swear I can nearly hear the lyrics.

From a friend in Karori:

We could hear it fairly loudly in central Karori, and we are at least 5km away

And a happy comment from who knows where.

Wellington is alive with the sweet sound of AC/DC (and a few police sirens)

The show isn’t just being heard all over Wellington. Before it was over, a review had been published in the Herald-Sun newspaper in Melbourne. They liked it. A lot.

Protect your hearing at the second AC/DC concert


  1. Kerry, 28. January 2010, 23:11

    Comments on FB indicate Roseneath eastside are all quiet, ditto Newtown.

    Nice post, Lindsay!

  2. Tom, 28. January 2010, 23:41

    Could hear it in Newtown (west side). Last time I heard that band (I think) was when they played at the old Athletic Park. Didn’t need tickets that time either

  3. Brent C, 29. January 2010, 0:53

    I was sitting on the waterfront and got thunderstruck. Such a beautiful evening