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Fringe: Inside Out in Newtown

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Press Release – New Zealand Fringe Festival
Inside Out
Written By Sarah Delahunty
Directed By Sara Mccook Weir

Picture this! The angst of today’s youth, crazy reality TV and 17th Century Shakespearean drama. In “Inside Out”, set as a play within a play, Sarah Delahunty’s wildly funny and thought provoking play juxtaposes the struggles of today’s youth, the madness of Hamlet, and the shallowness of 21st Century reality TV.

Ruby is looking for a story that can define her happiness. She joins the cast of Hamlet, and as Ophelia’s madness unfolds, her own world becomes exposed.

Jackie, who has come to understand her own experiences, confesses it took so long to put herself together she made sure she did a solid job of it.

Lucas and Abbey play their stage with comic lightness, hardly stopping long enough to contemplate its darker shades; until they are forced to act upon their own prejudices.

Sasha is searching for a space where she can feel safe enough to face herself. Her isolation amplifies her struggle to stay afloat as she casts herself adrift in the world.

Matt keeps connected to them all. He juggles his stoic role of theatre director in one world, with his sensitive vigil of Sasha in the other.

Interspersed with rehearsals for Hamlet are the zany and superficial game shows that the performers flip into. The TV parody highlights how people in society are pressured to keep on top in today’s culture of trivia, rarely revealing how they actually feel. Amidst this manic roller-coaster ride, a profound message about the dilemmas people might face when dealing with mental distress is explored. As the play delves deeper it uncovers the issues of self-harm and acceptance, depression and inclusion. A haunting repertoire of songs weaves amidst the drama, made more poignant by the character who sings them.

“Skin Deep” productions worked with six young performers in an improvisatory process with Sarah Delahunty to create “Inside Out” -The performers message to their audience is clear: to demystify the experience of self-harm and mental distress.

Inside Out

Newtown Community and Cultural Centre

Cnr. Rintoul and Colombo Streets.

February Thur 25th 7.30pm Fri 26th 7.30pm Sat 27th 5.30 and 7.30pm

CASH door sales ONLY: $15 full / $10 cons / $8 Fringe addict

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