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Do they get drunk at the arts festival?

Wellington.Scoop makes a selective choice from what’s been written about this weekend’s International Rugby Sevens at the Stadium.

“Along with the World of Wearable Arts and the International Festival of the Arts, the Wellington Sevens is one of the jewels in the capital’s crown.”
– Dominion Post editorial.

“Excessive alcohol consumption again led to the downfall of some partygoers with 63 persons being arrested for incidents of fighting, disorder, minor assaults and breach of the liquor ban.”
– police report on Saturday night’s after-Sevens celebrations in the central city.

“Intoxicated fans kept the 20 paramedics at the stadium busy.”
– Radio New Zealand report on Saturday.

“One woman said she and many of her group of 30 friends had smuggled spirits in water bottles … ‘We can’t afford to pay for alcohol the whole day. I’m unemployed.’”
– Report in yesterday’s Dominion Post.

“Everyone I know has been successful [sneaking alcohol in] … ”
– John Paradise quoted yesterday in the Dominion Post.

“Last year the Island Bay bus was awash with vomit at 2.30 on Friday afternoon – going to the stadium.” – comment posted on Wellington.Scoop on Friday.

“The Sevens [rugby] people are OK – they’re drunk, but they’re happy drunks.”
– Lower Hutt taxidriver interviewed in today’s Sunday Star Times.

“Twenty20 hasn’t got to the stage of this weekend’s Wellington Sevens, in which the sport was almost relegated to a side show.”
– New Zealand Cricket chief executive Justin Vaughan, quoted in today’s Sunday Star Times.

” … basically two days of non-stop drinking rugby.”
– David Farrar on KiwiBlog.

“I don’t think the crowd cares that much that New Zealand lost … It just takes away a distraction from their party.”
– Stuff’s live blogger Michael Fox on Saturday night.

“You should have seen the place after last night – what a mess. There was rubbish absolutely everywhere and the concourse smelt like a urinal.”
– Michael Fox on Saturday afternoon.

“Funny how everyone thinks they can sing when they’re drunk.”
– Michael Fox on Friday afternoon.

“Wellington have done an outstanding job. They have created a lot of what this is all about. It has just got better year after year.”
– NZ Rugby Union boss Steve Tew in today’s Sunday News.

The New York Times reports on US efforts to curb binge drinking at football games

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