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Mayoral election: Fowler backs Yan as “the only one with a real vision”

Media release – jack.yan@jyanet.com
Former mayor and Wellington City Council candidate Sir Michael Fowler said today that Jack Yan is the city’s best choice for the mayoralty.

‘A Yan-led council would unify both the left and the right. It would mean a leap forward in our city’s progress, for enterprise development with a social conscience,’ says Sir Michael. ‘He is the only one with a real vision for the 21st century.’

‘I am delighted to have Sir Michael’s support,’ says Mr Yan. ‘I am delighted that he shares my vision of a globally competitive, creative Wellington that benefits all.’

It is Mr Yan’s second notable endorsement in as many weeks. Last week, his opponent Bernard O’Shaughnessy endorsed him in an interview on wellington.scoop and on the Back Benches television show on TVNZ7.

Mr Yan says that his leadership would bring unity on the issues most important to Wellingtonians. He says there would no longer be ’15 separate agenda in which little gets done in the next three years,’ he says.

Both Sir Michael and Mr Yan say that there are potential councillors who agree with their policies, bringing greater unity and certainty for Wellingtonians.

‘On water, Sir Michael and I agree that there must be no privatization, no water meters, and a complete revision on the governance of Capacity, bringing it closer to the people.’

The duo also agree on holding the city’s rates down, possibly tying it to the Consumer Price Index. They support protecting the waterfront, and bringing it back under council control. There would also be better consultation over Centreport developments.

The CBD would be revitalized and Mr Yan is keen to tap into Sir Michael’s knowledge of urban development.

They also state that arts and culture would receive a boost under a Yan-led council.

Finally, Sir Michael supports Mr Yan’s ideas about mentoring for young people, giving them a path forward toward their future jobs, especially in IT.


  1. Mark, 4. October 2010, 19:50

    Jack Yan endorsed again. Not surprising. A lot of people who have heard and met him have been impressed. And there’s a similar hum coming from conversations around the office water coolers – word is spreading and more people have sent in their votes over the weekend. I believe the real mayoral race is between Wade-Brown and Jack Yan, as each others supporters have backed the other for their No 2 vote. But I think Pepperell supporters may well decide the outcome. Perhaps there’s some justice in that, with Manners Mall and the sale of the blue penguin nesting areas – coming home to roost.

  2. Richard, 4. October 2010, 20:28

    Well done Jack. Have any candidates with credibility endorsed you?

  3. Mark, 5. October 2010, 15:08

    Wade-Brown considers Jack Yan “intelligent, positive and friendly” and has asked all Wade-Brown supporters to vote Yan “2″ on the ballot. The decision for Prendergast supporters is which mayor do they want, if Prendergast won’t make it (and the numbers stacking to left of her indicate she won’t). Perhaps they need to be voting tactically? If they are not already?

  4. Richard, 5. October 2010, 20:16

    I think your reading of the polls is rather odd. Yan’s not in the race and will be lucky to be eliminated from the count after Pepperell. CW-B is likely to get fewer 1sts than Kerry but more than Yan (by a significant margin) so getting C-WB’s 2nds is not really going to help much.