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Treating people with respect

While we wait (and wait) for an explanation from Councilor Ahipene-Mercer about last week’s ill-considered complaints on behalf of his group of dissenting councilors, it’s reasonable to hope that he has been studying the code of conduct for our elected representatives.

Less than 24 hours after the election result was announced, he questioned the new mayor’s commitment for a more inclusive council because, he said, she hadn’t called him yet. He told the DomPost he was cynical about the mayor’s promise of inclusiveness.

Perhaps his silence since then is because he has discovered that the expected behaviour for elected members of the Wellington City Council includes:
members should treat people with respect

He should have also discovered the expectation that
members … should be prepared to justify their actions

Not forgetting
members should not behave improperly …
members should focus on issues rather than personalities
members should avoid aggressive, offensive or abusive conduct

There’s also a requirement that
members … should co-operate fully and honestly with the scrutiny appropriate to their office

He’ll also be recognising that the code of conduct applies equally to the new mayor, who we can expect will
… make decisions on merit including making appointments … or recommending individuals for rewards or benefits

“Beat-up” was the one word explanation from Councilor John Morrison, in reference to the DomPost report in which he was named as one of the dissenting group. He may be expecting some sympathy from the mayor, because of their common ground on Green issues as evidenced by this comment which he wrote about illegal earthworks on a Khandallah hillside.

And as for his reputation for being pro-roads – last February he surprised many people by stating unequivocally that he does not support a flyover round the Basin Reserve. On this subject, there’s no dissent. He and the new mayor are in complete agreement.


  1. v, 19. October 2010, 15:50

    Ray Mercer never responds to anything. You are wasting your time. Trying to flush him out of his hole through the use of this blog is futile. The only thing he appears to be good at, is shooting his mouth off. After that you get nothing from him.

  2. Jack Ruben, 4. November 2010, 18:00

    I read in The Wellingtonian that Mayor Celia is appointing every councillor to a position. If one of the objectives is to equalise everyone’s pay, then this will help rectify the perception and reality of patronage so prevalent during the Prendergast years.
    For many years I have fought to eliminate pay differentials between councillors, more especially as appointments were a means of ensuring compliance, but too many individuals had a vested interest to support me. They blamed the Remuneration Authority, but this is not entirely correct. Had the Council made the appropriate recommendations, it could have been achieved.
    I smell a wonderful breath of fresh air circulating the Council! Well done Celia!