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Mt Cook has special plan for Neighbours’ Day

News from Mount Cook Mobilised
On 26-27 March, Neighbours Day will be celebrated in Mt Cook with a competition sponsored by local businesses. The entry requirement is simple – Mt Cookies, organise to spend time with your neighbours, and email Mt Cook Mobilised by noon on Friday 25th March to be in the draw.

Neighbours Day is happening all over the country. Neighbours Day Aotearoa cites civil defence as one of the benefits of “turning streets into neighbourhoods”.

Mt Cook Mobilised Coordinator, Carol Comber, says “Mt Cook has a high proportion of rental properties and high mobility – in the 2006 census over half of Mt Cook’s population had been in their usual residence for less than a year.

Given the experience of Christchurch’s earthquake and the importance of neighbours providing emotional support to each other and pooling resources, a competition with a great stack of goodies as the prize is a nice way for Mt Cook Mobilised to support the aims of Neighbours Day. The Goodie Basket has something for everyone, from locally grown produce to vouchers for eateries, entertainment, and home improvements. We owe a huge thanks to the local businesses, who have been very supportive – some are even hosting their own Neighbours Day events.”

Neighbours Day is the weekend of 26-27 March. If you live in Mt Cook, and have arranged to meet-up with your neighbours during the weekend of 26-27 March, simply email the details to mtcookmobilised@gmail.com by noon, Friday 25th March, and you could be the winner of the Mt Cook Mobilised Goodie Basket.