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Mayors enthusiastic about harbour cycleway

Wellington mayors have given enthusiastic support to plans for an off-road cycleway and walkway alongside State Highway 2 between Petone and Ngauranga.

They discussed the plan at this week’s meeting of the Regional Transport Committee, in which they’re all members.

The cycleway is part of the Hutt Corridor Plan, centred around the Triangle study.

http://www.gw.govt.nz/committee-meetings-calendar/detail/6877 on

Cycle and public transport advocates regard design and construction of the off-road cycleway andwalkway between Petone and Ngauranga as the single most important part of the plan.

Greater Wellington Regional Councillor Paul Bruce says he is delighted that there was enthusiastic support for it from around the table.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said that it would be a major step forward to bridging the gap in the Great Harbour Way – Te Aranui o PoĢ„neke.

Jenny Chetwynd, Regional Director of the New Zealand Transport Agency, agreed to report back to the next Regional Transport Committee meeting on whether it was possible to move its construction forward.

The Hutt Corridor Plan, including safety upgrades and a major new road between Petone and Grenada, will now be communicated to a target audience and the regional community for feedback.

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