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  1. Guy, 6. August 2011, 4:57

    While there has not been much public support for a flyover so far, the consultation documents that have gone out to Wellingtonians will undoubted gain some good support for at least one of the NZTA schemes, since they are offering a choice of two. At the end of the submission period, it is likely that one of the options will be more preferable to linters than the other, and the government will run with that.

    Unless, of course, you want to say on your consultation form – “I’d prefer Option X instead please,” or words to that effect. People power does speak volumes, especially in election year.

    Put an X next to your vote for August 26

  2. marky mark, 6. August 2011, 9:44

    i might be convinced by the option X but the levels are all wrong and the proposed pedestrian flyover will be well over and above the nzta schemes. Dont be fooled people!

  3. Traveller, 6. August 2011, 11:27

    If there has to be anything above ground level, I’ll vote for the green-park pedestrian zones proposed in Option X any day. And in no way do they obstruct Kent and Cambridge Terraces, as the flyovers will do.

  4. Guy, 7. August 2011, 10:56

    Marky Mark, thank you for your (sadly ill-informed) comment about the Option X scheme. We’re pretty confident that the levels are not “all wrong” and indeed could be more accurately recorded as “quite carefully worked out” and modeled in 3D. All the roads have been modeled to comply with NZTA state highway standards.
    It is a complex area of interweaving levels though, and so we know that this may be a difficult area for people to get their heads around. We’re hoping to release some more information shortly which may help those, such as Mark, get their heads around the scheme.