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Council increases CEO’s pay to $419,000 – he’s outstanding, says the mayor

Press Release – Wellington City Council
The Wellington City Council’s Performance Review Committee has completed its annual review of the performance of Council Chief Executive Garry Poole.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says Mr Poole has put in another year of outstanding service and leadership for the Council.

“Garry continues to be a strong and positive leader within our organisation, around the region and in the local government sector. He encourages the Council to take a wider view of the issues affecting Wellington which gives us an excellent basis for setting our strategic direction.”

Mayor Wade-Brown says Mr Poole chairs the Metro Sector CEOs’ group and is considered one of the country’s most experienced chief executives.

The Performance Review Committee has confirmed Mr Poole’s salary will move from $406,230 to $419,230 – an increase of 3.2 percent.

Deputy Mayor Ian McKinnon, who chairs the committee, says Mr Poole met all his performance measures – and exceeded expectations on a number of them.

The committee, comprising Cr McKinnon, Mayor Wade-Brown and Councillors Ray Ahipene-Mercer, John Morrison and Paul Eagle, received the assistance of an independent human resources expert who gave advice on chief executive performance and remuneration in the public sector.

Cr McKinnon says Mr Poole’s achievements in the past 12 months have included his stewardship of the 2010 local elections and his leading role in the negotiation and introduction at a national level of the leaky homes Financial Assistance Package.

“The Chief Executive has also overseen the completion of the new ASB Sports Centre, preparations for Rugby World Cup 2011 and has led moves to improve emergency preparedness in the city and region.

“And of course he has ensured Council services remain of high quality and are financially sustainable.”

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  1. Paddington, 21. September 2011, 20:34

    Out of interest, have just gone on to the Council’s website where it is recorded that the CEO is responsible for advising the Mayor and Councillors on Policy matters and ensuring any policy adopted by the Council is correctly implemented.
    The CEO performs these responsibilities by delegating tasks and authority to a Senior Management team and other Council staff.
    It appears that this team comprises 9 Directors who all have assistants, so would be interesting to know what these combined salaries add up to.

  2. vryn evans, 22. September 2011, 16:13

    Paddington, I’m sure the WCC is obliged to give you “banding” of WCC bureaucrats salaries. Try them.

  3. Jim Candiliotis Councilwatch, 22. September 2011, 20:35

    The information below was obtained under the Local Government and Official Information Act. (LGOIMA).

    As you will be able to deduce, by comparing the first set of numbers with the upper bands of the second set of numbers. It’s not only the CEO’s salary that’s gone up.

    LGOIMA Request by Council Watch

    As at 30th September 2009, in $10,000 bands

    Directors $200,000 to $209,000 – 0
    $210,000 to $219,999 – 2
    $220,000 to $229,000 – 4
    $230,000 to $239,000 – 2
    $240,000 to $249,999 – 2

    Information below was provided to Councilwatch as a result of a LGOIMA request made by a concerned resident.

    As at 26th April 2011

    Scale Salary Range Managers
    16 $63,333 – $81,961 1
    17 $68,972 – $89,258 4
    18 $74,952 – $96,448 12
    19 $81,143 – $105,008 14
    20 $87,920 – $113,779 27
    21 $96,002 – $124,238 12
    22 $104,737 – $135,542 14
    23 $114,303 – $147,921 12
    24 $124,493 – $161,109 6
    25 $134,891 – $174,565 1
    26 $146,500 – $189,588 4
    27 $157,444 – $203,751 2
    29 $184,390 – $239,623 2
    30 $196,507 – $254,303 3
    31 $210,273 – $272,118 4
    32 $228,006 – $295,067 1

    The CEO and all the Directors have council purchase cards. The average transaction limit is $3,500, the minimum being $500 and the maximum transaction limit set at $2,000.

    “The average monthly limit is $3,350. The minimum monthly limit is $1,500, and the maximum monthly limit of $10,000. There is only one Director with a monthly limit of $10,000. This is appropriat for their role. Excluding the $10,000 for monthly limit, the average monthly limit for the remaining Directors and the CEO is $2,611.)”

    This is a direct quote from the council’s response, complete with mistakes. If anyone can work out the purchasing card explanation, could you please contact me at http://www.councilwatch.org.nz

  4. vryn evans, 28. September 2011, 16:04

    I would have thought that any executive who did an ‘outstanding job’ of substantially cutting back this city’s debt of over $300 million (and continually increasing ) could be classified as outstanding, not the contrary ! Total wages and salaries including councillor and community board renumeration, superannuation contributions, retirement and ‘other’ personnel costs amount to $84.5 million. No wonder that people want to become councillors or city council managers.