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‘Friendly’ protest at Bell Gully by campaigners opposing state asset sales

Press Release: Aotearoa Is Not For Sale
At midday today, Aotearoa Is Not For Sale Wellington will begin a series of unannounced visits to firms the Government has chosen to manage or advise the planned state asset selloff.

Spokesperson Richard McIntosh said, “These firms are set to gain far in excess of $100million in fees for the so-called ‘service’ of transferring our publicly-owned power companies into private ownership. The public is actually paying these corporates to take away what was built by us, is already owned by us, and what we benefit from It looks an awful lot like troughing, and all of our expense.”

Today the group will be visiting the Government’s preferred legal advisor, Bell Gully, at their offices at 171 Featherston St.

“The message is loud and clear,” says McIntosh, “The proposed priviatisation of Mighty River Power and the other SOEs means higher power prices and loss of public control of essential national services. Mighty River Power’s Waikato River System contibutes every day to the health and wealth of all in New Zealand. There is no excuse to sell it for the benefit of a few.”

“Today we are taking a loud but friendly message to management and employees of Bell Gully. Their self-interested involvement is resented by the public. They’ve no right to benefit to the tune of millions by helping the government sell companies built up by generations of New Zealanders.”

Also, join us at the following events for music and speakers:
this Saturday from 1pm-3pm at Cuba Mall, Wellington City
under the canopy after the markets, Saturday the 1st September 9am-12pm Porirua City Centre.