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  1. David, 22. April 2009, 12:59

    Fantastic pictures! I never knew that there were such quaint little alleyways in Thorndon.

  2. andy foster, 22. April 2009, 22:48

    Brilliant article Lindsay.

    We will look forward to Thorndon residents’ and other interested people’s thoughts on how to proceed. We really do want to hear what people think.

    Cr Andy Foster
    Transport and Urban Development Leader
    Wellington City Council

  3. Justinsmum, 23. April 2009, 6:43

    I just want to say that my husband and I have stayed on that little crooked street with the colorful quaint cottages (first picture in article)on our visits to NZ. It is such a unique and beautiful area. My son lives in Wellington. I hope Thorndon can maintain its historic beauty. Wellington has so many distinct areas. It’s a pleasure to visit your fair city. We shall return.

  4. mary mccallum, 23. April 2009, 23:48

    Great article and tribute, Lindsay. Thorndon has a strong history of writers and artists and this is shown in the residencies there now: Randell Cottage (for writers), Rita Angus Cottage (artists) and the Douglas Lilburn (composers)… hopefully the planning changes will help preserve these too.

  5. Lis Sowerbutts, 25. April 2009, 14:50

    Hey you almost made me homesick for Wellington! Lovely pictures and I agree Thorndon is delightful and unique. Lucky to get some good weather to take the pics though!

  6. judy siers, 26. April 2009, 19:45

    Thanks for this Lindsay. The story and photographs tug at the heart strings and remind Wellingtonians living away from home of what can be missed. Those wonderful walks in Thorndon – what a treat! My Millwood Gallery was one of the first renovations to a deteriorating retail shop. When we re-opened early in the 1980s we announced “fish and chips are off the menu – books are in.” Ah the memories.

  7. Jessica Closson, 27. April 2009, 10:25

    Bravo Lindsay on your insightful article and evocative photos.

    Might I suggest a followup highlighting Mt Victoria’s proposed heritage buildings? Residents there have been asking Council for years for an audit of our community, as we feel we are woefully under-represented on the Council’s heritage list. Let’s hope that after Thorndon’s heritage area District Plan Change, Mt Vic will next get some attention for its worthy homes.