Option X now $10m cheaper than a flyover for the Basin Reserve

by Christine McCarthy
Lengthening the Memorial Park tunnel and building Option X will be cheaper than NZTA’s proposed Option A flyover proposal. The cost argument cannot be used to support Option A. We are constantly told of economic difficulties and the need for the most economically efficient option. That option is now Option X.

The Architectural Centre estimates that Option X will be approximately $10 million less than the NZTA’s Option A because Option X will maximise the benefit of the Memorial Park tunnel. This saving does not take into account the additional Option A cost of including an $11million grandstand for the Basin Trust, which, if included, would increase the cost advantage of Option X to more than $20 million.

Not only will the flyover scar this part of the city, it will be an expensive unsightly scar. Option X is cheaper, and will provide better green connections across the city from Memorial Park through to the townbelt. It will provide more recreational spaces and safer routes for the children going to the many schools in this area.

Option A= $75m for flyover + $8million cycle clip-on = $83 million cost

Option X = $130 million – $57 million saving (due to Memorial Park tunnel) = $73 million cost

Christine McCarthy is president of the Architectural Centre

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