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The Lord Mayor’s horse and carriage

A claimant to the title of the First Lord Mayor of Wellington has emerged overnight on Twitter.

He says he is a supporter of sustainable transport, and to prove it he has posted a picture (above) of himself on the way to breakfast.

However the potential Lord Mayor seems to have more than one means of transport.

This, he says, is his Lord Mayoral coach.

The twittering dialogue is continuing to develop the Lord Mayoral theme. Charles Chauvel has nominated Trevor Mallard as either the Sheriff of Naenae or the Baron of Wainuiomata. And Hamish Keith adds some breaking news:

Prior to any election of a Lord Mayor of Wellington, a talking cat will be used to assess potential candidates.


The Lord Mayor has made his choice – this is how he wants to be carried to his swearing-in ceremony.

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  1. Pauline Swann, 31. October 2012, 15:12

    Love it, first real smile of the day! and loved the Tweet comments…….think I will put my name forward for the “chamber maid!”