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Kapiti expressway a waste of taxpayers’ money, reports Campbell Live

Campbell Live, which has established itself as NZ television’s leading current affairs show, revealed last night that the finances of the Kapiti Expressway do not stack up. It reported that the cost of the project has risen by $80m, and as a result the benefit to cost ratio has fallen into a negative position. The road will cost more than any gains that can be expected over the next thirty years.

A report leaked from the NZ Transport Agency showed that the new four-lane expressway from Mackays Crossing to Peka Peka will cost five times its economic benefits.

Campaigner Bianca Begovich says the NZ Transport Agency has been manipulating the figures and withholding the facts. “The Transport ministry says that the report is based on old information, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the report exists, or that they have never released the information despite several OIA requests to provide it. It’s just another example of the massaging of the figures and manipulation of the facts which both NZTA and the Government have been consistently been doing in order not to reveal that this road is a waste of millions of dollars of taxpayer money”

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