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  1. Mary Munro, 5. November 2012, 16:40

    “There is no hurry.” I totally agree but how about this: submissions close at 5 pm tonight. This afternoon as a submitter who did her comments on-line I was emailed from WCC and told that the hearing for those who also wanted to make an oral submission ie speak in front of councillors would be this coming Wednesday, November 7. Is this fair notice? Is it possible the WCC has an agenda?

  2. Pauline, 6. November 2012, 0:23

    With this latest debacle over consultation, would like to quote from the Framework page 3 where the Mayor Mr Blumsky said Wellingtonians do care passionately about their waterfront. They do want to be part of the ongoing debate. The transparency and public engagement modelled by the Leadership group must continue as we move forward.

    Then on page 5 – part of the stage 2 process will be about balancing principles that may be in conflict, but there needs to be a strong, transparent implementation process in place that provides for public input.

    Finally on Page 8 – by late 1996, the Community Consultative Committee had reported back to the council and LHM advising that the waterfront was a key recreational area for the city, and that public spaces should be designed first with built development to follow.

    However the purpose of the Design Brief is to guide the creation of high quality buildings and spaces in the north Kumutoto area and how these will look, and forms a basis on which Wellington Waterfront Ltd, the council’s implementation manager for the waterfront, engages designers or developers for development in the North Kumutoto area.

    The majority of members of the public who were at the forum last week were appalled at the the power point showing the two large “blue blobs” creating a “canyon” effect along Waterloo Quay and blocking out the view across to Mt Victoria and the Monastery and stressed the need for recreation facilities and a scenic welcome to the city from the northern gateway.

    With only 24 hours notice from the closing time of written submissions, no wonder there is concern. Will the councillors have time to study the written submissions before the the oral presentations? No wonder the word “farce” is being heard.

  3. Alana, 6. November 2012, 23:38

    A brilliant idea that should be impartially reviewed by council officers and Councillors. It is an idea that reflects the true affection Wellington residents and visitors feel for the waterfront. Construct buildings somewhere else and leave some open space for people.

  4. David, 18. November 2012, 15:46

    The ill-conceived Variation 11 ‘corpse’ is hardly cold in the ground and the Wellington City Council is at it again. Another view shaft to go, more open space and public ownership to be lost , and more shade! What is this council obsession for more buildings on the waterfront ? The main beneficiaries of which will be one or two developers. Can’t we leave some options open there for future generations?