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Public meeting votes to reject Basin flyover, asks for alternative options

A public meeting of 100 people last night voted that it “completely rejects the New Zealand Transport Agency’s plan to build a Basin Reserve flyover.”

Two people voted against the resolution, which wants alternative options to be thoroughly investigated, as called for by the Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington.

The meeting, at St Joseph’s Church, which is next to the route of the planned flyover, was organised by Save the Basin campaigners.

Speakers included Kent Duston and Iona Pannett for the Save the Basin campaign, MPs Phil Twyford and Gareth Hughes, and regional councillor Paul Bruce.

News from Save the Basin – November 20
Have you had enough of the Government and its Transport Agency trying to bulldoze through their ugly, unnecessary and expensive Basin Reserve Flyover plan in the face of public opposition?

The flyover will be 6 meters above the road (eg Kent and Cambridge Terrace) and 260 meters long and 13 metres wide. There’s been a sudden announcement of a pedestrian/cycle facility which will be another 3 metres wide. A drawing released today shows it as a second, separate flyover.

Whether you’re a local resident, a cricket fan, or someone who wants to see Wellington develop as a modern, sustainable city, it’s time to get organised and fight back.

Come along to hear about the much better alternatives that the Agency and the Government are trying to ignore, the “No Flyover” campaign that is gathering momentum, and how you can get involved.

Date: Wednesday 21 November
Venue: St Joseph’s Church, Ellice Street Mt Victoria
Time: 6 – 7.30pm


  1. Judith G, 20. November 2012, 16:41

    Before NZTA takes its plans for a concrete jungle further, I wonder what the answer would be if NZTA asked the school kids—the up and coming Wellington citizens of the next 10 to 20 years—whether they think a flyover and motorway are the best transport legacy their city might leave them? 4,585 students attend school in the Basin Reserve area: 3,900 high school students [ Wellington College, Wellington High School, Wellington East Girls] and 685 young pupils [Clyde Quay, Mt Cook, St Marks Church School].
    Why shouldn’t schools and the school kids be given a voice? They are “affected parties” now, in the path of the motorway.

  2. Ferdinand Hendriks, 21. November 2012, 22:37

    Listening to Councillor Pannett at the meeting, it became clear that democracy in NZ was somehow diverted to suit the Government. (by way of several law changes). She clearly explained that the way to fight this flyover was to hire very clever and expensive lawyers. And in the end Kent Duston was asking for donations to achieve this.
    Wrong move!! We should organise a campaign to expose all parties involved as to where their true “alliances” really are. Transparency should be the name of the game. We should have independent bodies looking into the various options.

  3. Ellie, 22. November 2012, 16:15

    Ferdinand is probably correct, gathering $100.000 0r so to fight in the Environmental Protection Authority with Kerry Prendergast as chair would be throwing hard earned money down the ……………
    We have to have a public campaign to expose the ‘pork barrel politics’ involved and make such a structure impossible to build.
    Grey haired bodies at the barriers this time around !!!!