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  1. erentz, 16. November 2012, 11:48

    I’m dying to find out what’s so unique about this solution that’s so vastly different from all the others that have been explored.

  2. Leonie Reynolds, 16. November 2012, 12:23

    This sounds great – creative design is what Wellington is all about! Hope to hear and see more about this project. I agree that these design decisions have a big, longterm flow-through effect on a city as a whole. This is a big call that needs to be approached sensitively.

  3. Tim Jones, 16. November 2012, 13:51

    To a visiting Canadian academic, the stupidity of the Government’s motorway plans is clear. There are now two alternative plans in circulation, despite NZTA’s inability or refusal to look at alternatives to its 1950s-style thinking. And two of the three supposed ‘partners’ in the Basin flyover, the WCC and GW, do not back it.

    Maybe, just maybe, even the present Government might soon realise that building a flyover at the Basin ticks all the wrong boxes and none of the right ones.

  4. Margot Boock, 16. November 2012, 14:12

    Well done, Richard Reid. It’s great to see some thinking “outside the square”, looking for alternatives to building roads and more roads. More roads means more cars. That’s just not sustainable. We need to be considering options for light rail and public transport, walking and cycling. At the same time it’s imperative we protect our history and our green places in the city

  5. Elaine Hampton, 16. November 2012, 15:29

    Looking at the website mentioned above, these urban design solutions to traffic issues are very impressive.

    Hopefully a solution to the Basin Reserve traffic issue will be as good.

    We look forward to their project being published

  6. Maximus, 16. November 2012, 15:48

    You might think that the most logical thing for NZTA to do would be to pay Richard Reid and take him on as a consultant directly. Certainly it would be the most cost effective. If they paid Reid just a thousandth of the cost of the guestimated $100million build cost of the flyover, that is only one hundred thousand dollars – an absolute bargain for the nation. Build Cost Benefit ratio of the Reid scheme – the benefits are sky high, compared to the costs.

    NZTA – how about it?

  7. Paula Warren, 16. November 2012, 17:34

    Almost anything has to be better than a flyover – which seems to be just a way to spend a lot of money to make sure that we generate more traffic, and ensure that everyone can see and hear all those unnecessary car trips through what should be a lovely part of our city.

    I have’nt yet seen Richard’s design, but I’ve been impressed with some of his earlier work. I would, however, be concerned if one of the NZTA goals it was seeking to achieve was to increase overall road capacity and car journeys. We don’t need that. Wellington has stable or falling traffic volumes across most of the state highway network, and that’s a good thing.

    More traffic doesn’t equal economic growth – it equals inefficient transport.

  8. Alana, 16. November 2012, 22:45

    NZTA plans for the flyover keep changing. It seems even they have no idea how they will meld the roads together. I hope the government takes charge of this tangle of bad design and stops it before it begins.

  9. Cricket fan, 17. November 2012, 9:32

    Good stuff. Let us hope this helps bring about a sensible solution to the Basin Reserve/National War Memorial developement – one that is not destroyed by a roaring flyover

  10. Liz Springford, 17. November 2012, 12:50

    Great to have another option on the table rather than slicing our city with an ugly flyover.

    I echo Paula Warren’s comment that ‘more traffic doesn’t equal economic growth – it equals inefficient transport’.

    The bottom line for all of us is surely decent jobs, warm housing, healthy food, quality education & healthcare, community involvement and knowing that global climate change will be adaptable for us, our kids and grandkids.

    Affordable healthy efficient transport choices are essential to our future wellbeing.

  11. Traveller, 18. November 2012, 10:16

    I agree with Maximus. The Transport Agency should renew their relationship with Richard Reid (already proven in Auckland) and involve him as a consultant to show them why a flyover isn’t needed at the Basin Reserve. Think of the money they’ll save.

  12. Siena, 18. November 2012, 16:13

    Richard Reid should replace that former city councillor aka deputy-mayor of Wellington, NZTA board director Alick Shaw who made that anonymous threat to his former employer back in August 2011.

  13. Alana, 22. November 2012, 21:58

    Reid can’t be expected to work for free. Shouldn’t some government body come up with his fee to ensure that all options are covered. I’ve looked today at the slick marketing being done to sooth legitimate concerns about this wall of concrete. But no amount of trees, foliage, and the proposed contortions will “mitigate” the large scale mistake to which NZTA is irrationally attached.

  14. shopify, 10. August 2015, 23:02

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