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SCOOP IMAGES: Two storeys high – a giant Gandalf arrives at the Embassy

A Gandalf two storeys high is now standing on the verandah in front of the Embassy Theatre, ready for the world premiere of the first film in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy.

Passersby kept stopping to watch the installation of the gigantic statue, which took most of Sunday.

By mid afternoon (above) the installation was almost completed.

Weta Workshop have outdone their previous work for Lord of the Rings. The front windows of the Embassy are blocked by the door of a Hobbit house – many times larger than any Hobbit would need.

About a dozen staff in hard hats were working on the project, with a crane that was higher than the theatre building. Here it’s lifting the final piece of the sculpture (if that’s the right word for it.).

Two lanes of Kent Terrace and part of Majoribanks Street were closed while the work was done.

And it was all complete by the end of the afternoon. (This photo from Weta Workshop. The top photo from the NZ Film Festival, whose office at the top of the Embassy looks out over Gandalf.)

A new 3D system, new stereo sound and a new screen have been installed in the Embassy for the world premiere on 28 November.

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  1. Stephanie Cook, 21. November 2012, 12:33

    If you can’t walk the red carpet you can get your very own piece and tread in the footsteps of the stars!