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Hobbit costume party will raise money for free books in homes

Press Release – HarperCollins
When Hobbit fans gather for a Premiere Costume Party in Wellington, they’ll also be helping children who might otherwise never see a copy of the Hobbit, thanks to a generous donation by Harper Collins.

The Hobbit Premiere Costume Party aims to raise money for Duffy Books in Homes, which turns kids onto reading with its supply of free books to schools all over New Zealand.

As well as donating 12 copies of the Hobbit signed by Peter Jackson as prizes at the Hobbit Premiere Costume Party, Harper Collins has given 188 copies of The Hobbit directly to Duffy Books in Homes to distribute through their schools.

”We are delighted and very grateful to Harper Collins for the opportunity to share this iconic book with Duffy schools nationwide,” says Duffy Books in Homes CEO Linda Vagana. “Thank you also to TheOneRing.net who are one of our longest-serving school sponsors.”

Party organiser Erica Challis says that her primary school was one of the original schools for Duffy Books in Homes.

“I’m one of the founders of Tolkien fan website TheOneRing.net, and 12 years ago we were looking for a charity to support. Duffy Books in Homes just seemed like a natural fit for a website that was based around books.”

“I’m also a director of Red Carpet Tours, which brings Tolkien fans to New Zealand on film tours. My co-directors there were both school principals before they went into tourism – and their schools were also original schools for Duffy Books in Homes, so they’ve seen first hand how precious a book can be to children who might never afford them otherwise.”

Red Carpet and TheOneRing.net are organising the party jointly.

Fifty percent of party proceeds will also go to TheOneRing.net, which is staffed entirely by volunteers.

Premiere Costume Party

Monday, November 26, 7:30pm
The Amora Hotel Ballroom, 170 Wakefield St, Wellington
Booking information: Ticket sales at door or book through www.redcarpet-tours.com

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