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  1. The City is Ours, 29. November 2012, 1:00

    Why did the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre not advise the people of Newtown about opposing the application for an off license known as Countdown, soon to be opened at John Street? Aforementioned liquor outlet will have a far greater impact on nearby residents and the community at large for the following reasons;

    a. Being a big chain it has the ability to buy bulk and sell at rock bottom prices creating unhealthy competition.
    b. It has drive-in facilities for the ease of purchasing liquor.
    c. It harbours liquor lords under their umbrellas.

    Newtown is well and truly saturated by not one but three major off license liquor premises, but is the NCCC intending to oppose the off license for Countdown when it comes up for renewal in January/February 2015?

  2. Anna Costley, 29. November 2012, 9:38

    Thanks for your comment.

    As a community centre, we see our role as responding to community-identified needs, and working with existing groups and agencies to support positive change in the community. In both the two instances when we have facilitated oppositions to off-license liquor outlets, it has been in response to local community members bringing their concerns to us.

    We were not approached by locals in the instance of the Countdown liquor license. However, I can certainly understand your concerns – we agree that Newtown doesn’t need another major off-license operating! Of course we’ll be happy to provide you, and the community, with information regarding opposing that license renewal in 2015.

  3. The City is Ours, 30. November 2012, 15:33

    Letting Countdown slip through the net has been disappointing for all concerned and allows the next generation to continue in the belief that alcohol is a necessity of life being liberally on display in food stores. Alcohol consumption delivers some 3000 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome babies in New Zealand each year. http://health.yahoo.net/health/fetal-alcohol-syndrome#Symptoms

  4. Dave, 4. December 2012, 21:50

    Get real people. Have just returned from the south of France and seen no drunks in 6 weeks. First day back in town and there’s a drunk Maori at the bus stop in Courtenay Place hassling women at 5pm. It’s not the alcohol folks, it’s the Kiwi attitude towards drinking it and ignorance of how to consume it responsibly. What I really enjoyed was the view from our central city apartment – an adult men’s club in between a school for girls and a church – and seeing how everyone tolerated each other and displayed respect especially when different groups of users collided. Personally, I’m glad Countdown and it’s good range of south African wines is closer than Kilbirnie. If folks can’t handle booze or the thought of it, they should let others who can enjoy their life without being moaning killjoys.

  5. The City is Ours, 6. December 2012, 0:24

    Supermarkets are great, Luke Schepen of Countdown told me they have an emergency plan for when food needs to be distributed fairly in case of a disaster like Christchurch and to those affected most by it.