The landlord mentality on the waterfront

by Lindsay Shelton
I applaud the sentiments of Lowry Bay resident Tony Cranston, whose letter about the Wellington waterfront earned top position in the DomPost yesterday.

He wrote:
On Wednesday, walking around the waterfront I was again impressed by its beautiful views. Wellington is very lucky to have a waterfront where one is constantly struck by the views of harbour, houses and hills on one side, and an attractive city on the other.

Why the council prefers mediocre buildings to this natural beauty is a mystery. The latest example of what I call developers’ vandalism hits you right in the face as you approach Te Papa.

The “conversion” of the Overseas Passenger Terminal will clearly be an over-sized monstrosity, obliterating much of Mt Victoria and its charming houses; it will tower over the marine like Darth Vader and destroy a lot of the character of that part of the waterfront.

Might more councillors find some soul and save the waterfront from this landlord mentality before it’s too late?

Mr Cranston is evidently a keen observer of city council processes. He begins his letter by writing:

I write to thank the Wellington City Council for accepting a submission on Kumutoto from a former resident. I am, of course, saddened that most councillors disregarded it and all the submissions I read.

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