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Spy plane at Wellington Airport? PM asked about CIA officials visiting Wellington

Scoop report by Mark P Williams
The unexplained arrival of two US jets on the tarmac at Wellington Airport last week became an issue at the Prime Minister’s press conference yesterday.

He was asked why the two planes were at the airport.

He responded by saying that one of the planes had brought US officials to have meetings with New Zealand intelligence officials. He he did not know the names of those involved but he agreed that they were “obviously pretty senior” because they had arrived in their own plane.

The PM was pressed further, with a round of questions including:

Were they CIA?
How long were they here?
Should it be his business as Minister in charge to know why foreign intelligence services are meeting in New Zealand?

He repeated that he was aware there was a meeting of officials, but he denied that he knew about the business that was being discussed.

He said the meeting could not have been too secret, if the plane was parked in full view at Wellington Airport.

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