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Cyclists reward Boca Loca, iRide, new Tawa pathway, and Carl at the station

News from Cycle Aware
The Roll on Wellington Awards were presented last night at the Paramount. Here are the winners:

Most cycle friendly shop or café: La Boca Loca, Miramar
The cafe requested bike parking outside their building to complement their bike promotion – free hot drink if you turn up with you bike.
Runner up: Celsius Cafe, Petone

Best bike shop: iRIDE

iRIDE Cycle Store has a cafe in a bike shop – what more could you want? There is plenty of bike parking, discounts on coffee if you are a member of the club – and no problems wearing cycle shoes here.
Runner up: Dirt Merchants

Best new cycling infrastructure: Tawa Valley Pathway – Ara Tawa

WCC have built a largely traffic-free option for cycling through Tawa. This encourages families to walk and cycle more, and for residents east of the railway means it’s easier to leave the car behind when they go swimming. It’s off road, it links schools, and is an attractive route. “It’s great to see WCC investing in projects like this that the community love – bring on more paths in the city like this one,” says James Burgess.

Runners up:
Greater Wellington Regional Council for New Johnsonville trains have great space for bikes, are easy to use and we love the free bike fare.

WCC for public bike racks. These are the only items of cycle infrastructure that really seem to have proliferated around Wellington this year. “There’s always a bike park handy in the central city, and now there’s even one outside my local supermarket in Island Bay. Hooray!”

Favourite public transport personality: Carl Sayer, KiwiRail, at Wellington Railway Station.
Not only does he wear a bow tie (photo above from Cycle Aware) but he always helps to ‘fast track’ the bikes onto the carriage

Runner up: Lesley Black, Go Wellington bus driver on route 1. From the nomination: “Bus came up behind us on Adelaide Road. We were going slow, uphill and into a northerly. She waited, and kept a fair distance back then pulled into bus stop behind us. When they caught us again at the lights, they again kept a nice distance behind us and didn’t attempt to overtake us. When we pulled over at our destination we got a smile and a friendly wave from the driver.”

Most room for improvement: Island Bay to City route

From Island Bay to Newtown this road is narrow, with parked cars on both sides. Because it is an arterial route, the traffic typically travels along it quite fast. It’s also a bus route.

The Adelaide Road, John and Riddiford Streets Intersection re-development has been a headache. Apart from perhaps Adelaide Road, these streets are easily wide enough to provide dedicated cycle lanes – but where are they?

Nomination: “It’s a nightmare for cyclists. I no longer use it, except for before 8am when it is quieter. We need a cycle lane from Island Bay to the city to allow cyclists to avoid this road!

Runner Up: Jervois Quay

Cycle friendly employer: Transpower NZ Ltd
Transpower provides secure cycle parks, and two bookable pool bikes. There are shower, changing facilities, a drying room, clothes storage, iron and board and hair dryer. Cycling is promoted and free cycle training is available to staff who wish to take up commuting by bike or leisure riding.

Runners up:
1. Inland Revenue’s Head Office. The Asteron Centre has heaps of showers, over 300 cycle parks and lockers. Also a drying room for towels and wet cycling gear.

2. Statistics New Zealand. Statistics NZ House has 28 bike racks, 70 lockers, and 7 showers. A huge number of people cycle or walk or jog to work each day. This is the perfect set-up for encouraging active modes of transport.

Best anything you like … bike

First equal:
Mechanical Tempest, Wellington’s community bike workshop http://www.mechanicaltempest.co.nz/ Practical help to get more people riding, more often. No fuss, just peer to peer services. Can do attitude. Spreading the love of biking.

The Friendly Cyclist campaign
To Little Fighters Films Ltd. Stephen Fry was the best thing that’s happened to cycling in Wellington all year! http://thefriendlycyclist.co.nz/

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