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  1. Cr. Helene Ritchie, 8. December 2012, 13:03

    Wellington City Councillors have taken the first step towards abolishing Wellington City Council. The council and some councillors have voted by majority vote to support a progression towards the abolition and extinction of Wellington City Council, the Council of the Capital of New Zealand, to be replaced by some form of regional Supercity. It is quite incomprehensible and outrageous that the Capital City of New Zealand would have no City Council. I am furious.

    Wellington City Councillors have absolutely no mandate to pursue this (neither do Porirua or Kapiti for that matter.) They have a mandate to govern the City of Wellington. They are elected as Wellington City councillors, by the people of Wellington, and have no mandate to go beyond the boundaries of the City

    The Council, by a majority vote, agreed to join a regional governance working party with Greater Wellington Regional Council, Porirua, and Kapiti, to negotiate a position on regional governance, which effectively would see the abolition of Wellington City Council if the discussions were successful and it being replaced by a Supercity of one kind or another.

    The people need to have a say on this vital question of civic democracy. It is imperative that there is a binding referendum on this issue, preferably, for cost and efficiency reasons, at the time of the next Local Body Elections. Do the people of Wellington City want to see their Council abolished and replaced by some regional superpowerful Supercity? This would lead to a serious further diminishing of civic democratic participation in New Zealand – already significantly diminished in Auckland and Christchurch (Regional) The people need to have a say on this before any further action is taken by any individual Council in Wellington.

  2. Michael Gibson, 9. December 2012, 14:47

    Unfortunately, when the people do “have a say” (per Cr Ritchie) the Council ignores it. See the overwhelming opposition to having more buildings at North Kumutoto & the other Council decisions which have been turned over only because some worthy citizens have taken the Council to Court – two already this year.
    What is also awful is that no Councillor has pointed out to the Councillor-director of Wellington Waterfront Ltd. that he is legally prevented from pursuing his aims for North Kumutoto by participating in debates on the subject & voting on it.
    Can Cr Ritchie help on that one please?

  3. Lilian Tahiwi, 12. December 2012, 16:41


    Though I like the way our Hutt City Council operates at the moment, I would not be averse to a ” one united Hutt Valley,” being formed. Sharing is caring so my mokopuna say, and I agree with them.

    I shop in Upper Hutt and I shop in Lower Hutt, I take my mokopuna to Maidstone Park and also to H2O and also take them to Avalon Park and to Stokes Valley swimming pool. So in effect, I’m way ahead of you all insofar as contributing to each city’s economy.

    I reside between both cities, and I love them both.