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  1. Lindsay, 13. December 2012, 14:26

    Chris Moller’s current directorships
    Chairman, Meridian Energy
    Chairman, New Zealand Transport Agency
    Chairman, New Zealand Cricket Inc.
    Chairman designate, Skycity Entertainment Group Limited
    Director, International Cricket Council
    Director, Rugby New Zealand 2011 Limited
    Director, NZX Limited
    Director, Westpac New Zealand Limited

  2. Maximus, 13. December 2012, 16:16

    The man is clearly over-stretched and should relinquish a number of those Chairs or Directorships. Take a break Chris! Get someone else to take the load, because you’re just not cutting it any more….

  3. Joanna, 13. December 2012, 16:29

    I find this a shocking revelation. What concerns me even more than the cricket debacle, is the clear conflict of interest over the roading proposals for the Basin Reserve. I hope the fact that Moller is chairman of NZ Cricket gets wide publicity.

  4. Geoff, 13. December 2012, 19:43

    Surely we can make far better use of the Basin Reserve than a cricket ground that gets used 10 times a year.

  5. elmer, 14. December 2012, 9:53

    The most important point seems to be that Chris Moller is a little too close to the “grandstand” deal for comfort. Assurances on the proposed new grandstand at the Basin in return for Trust support for the flyover always seem to have been done on a nod and a wink. Your detective work seems to have revealed the main player in these backroom conversations.

  6. Maximus, 15. December 2012, 13:59

    i don’t think that Chris Moller has tried to hide any of these facts, that he has sticky fingers in many pies. He is probably inordinately proud of himself for managing to be such a multi-tasking male, and i doubt he gives a rats arse to whether he gets wide publicity for this, or not. In fact, he’ll probably love it.
    But yes, clearly the man is stretched in his duties, as well as conflicted beyond belief (even more of a joke than his dismally performing Black Caps). Stick to your baking Moller – and try not to eat all of it…

  7. Alana, 15. December 2012, 16:59

    It appears to be a direct conflict of interest and the interest losing in the conflict is cricket generally and the Basin Reserve Cricket Ground in particular if Moller’s NZTA is allowed to build a 3 storey tall motorway right next to it.

  8. Trish, 16. December 2012, 12:23

    So that explains how NZTA managed to come to an agreement with the Basin Reserve Trust about a free grandstand while they swore that they were treating all “stakeholders” equally, and giving the Trust the same briefing that they offered Mt Victoria residents. They claimed that “Mystery” Morrison’s Trust had no special access to NZTA. Yeah right.

  9. Michael Gibson, 16. December 2012, 16:59

    I think they can get away with it when they are not involved with statutory bodies like the Wellington City Council.
    What is quite wrong is when Councillors with commercial interests are paid $15,000 a year for it & begin voting to promote those interests, such as having more buildings on the waterfront.